Nov. 30th, 2016

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Sila had no memory of her father. He had died when she was a baby. Died, in fact, saving her life, as her mother Polaris never seemed to tire of telling her. Her favorite time to do so was after some adventeurous stunt of Sila's.

"Is this why Silaro saved your life? So you could throw it away?"

This was usually followed by a crushing hug and Polaris trying not to cry, which was far worse than any scolding.

When she had finally gone to visit her Uncle's undersea kingdom, she'd been introduced to Jack Calloway, her father's boyhood best friend. He'd insisted on calling her Cousin, the Selkie term for non-blood family. It was he who had first shown her pictures of her father. (any her mother had had, had been destroyed in the fire) This was why she was able to recognize the man who greeted them at the pier.

And of course she'd seen enough pictures of herself as a child to know that the toddler in his arms was indeed, wee-tiny Sila.

"Mommy 1!" the little girl shrieked delightedly. "Mommy 2!"

By the time her Leda had become a second mother to her, Sila was in her pre-teens. So while she called Polaris "mother", Leda was "Mom". She rather liked "Mommy 1 and Mommy 2" though.

What was also interesting was that little Sila launched herself at Grace first.


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