Jan. 26th, 2017

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In many ways Sila knew, her life so far had been pretty damn good. She had two wonderful mothers, one of whom was the Queen. So she'd wanted for nothing. She had a best friend, nay, a brother, and doting (if occasionally stern and over protective) aunts and uncles. She got to do what she loved.

But she'd never known her father. She'd suffered through her mothers' divorce, and had to nurse one of them through a period of self destructive behavior. She'd been the target of (occasionally veiled) racism all her life for being a Halfie. Even the Mer called her 'Dirt-Born' behind her back.

And now, watching this other version of Leda showing such joy and love for the sea, she was reminded of her most secret pain. The one she kept hidden even from Ron, and usually from herself. She was half of the ocean, and her mom was utterly horrified of the sea, and many of the creatures that lived in it.

Leda loved her, she knew. But Sila was always afraid that Leda might be afraid of her as well.

"Okay self," she muttered. "Brooding ain't gonna get these letters written."


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