Mar. 1st, 2017

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Ellen and Leda were having a lovely conversation about her new album and voicing a character in Disney's recent live action version of one of their older animated films, when a guy in a shark outfit burst out of the small table beside their chairs.

Leda shrieked something incredibly offensive (in Elvish fortunately) and sprang back so suddenly that her chair, and she both went tumbling.

Ellen's smile froze. That was by far the strongest reaction they'd ever gotten there, and she feared they'd gone too far.

"Oh God, are you okay?!" she asked.

On her back, legs up on the overturned chair, Leda threw up her arms dramatically.

"Behold the gracefulness of the Elves!"

The audience burst out laughing and Ellen Helped Leda up. Then they both helped the poor guy in the shark outfit up, because Leda's reaction had caused him to jump back and fall over as well.

"Leda's new cd, 'How Dare I' comes is out in stores and for download now, and it's coming on vinyl this weekend, 'Into the Jungle' opens Friday."

"Are you're okay?" Ellen could be seen asking as they went to commercial.

[I'm playing with alternate dimensions, and I'm having them start to bleed into each other, so open for anyone who wants to have seen this.]


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