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"Mom?" The red-haired human (as far as Sila could tell, and what was a human doing in Faerie?) helped Jack haul himself over the railing, then looked at Leda(?). "Something you need to explain there, oh Captain my Captain?"

Leda(?) pulled Sila to her feet, frowning. "Sorry tune-slinger, you've got me mistaken for someone else."

Sila tried very hard to pull herself together. The unnatural storm sweeping her and Jack up, and then finding herself rescued by a woman who looked just like her adopted mother combined to create a very confused Elfling.

But her mother was utterly terrified of the sea, and besides which, this woman's accent was subtly different, and there was something else about the way she spoke and carried herself...

"Uh, yeah huh I guess I...I have. Is your name Leda?"

The stopped the Captain cold. Her face composed itself into the deadpan look that Sila did recognize. "One of them is." she said eyeing the slightly younger woman.

Jack leaned toward the red-head. "What's going on?" he whispered.

"No idea." she confided back. "And I don't like not knowing."

"Who are you?" Leda demanded.

Sila straightened up and did her best to look composed. She never did composed very well. "My name is Sila Danan. Adopted Daughter of-ack!"

Leda had grabbed her by the front of her shirt and yanked her forward. "What the hell, Nell?" she growled, inspecting the girl closely. But apparently what she saw agreed with her.

Still off to the side, Jack's new confidant let out an appalled sound. "What?"

Leda's astonished grin warred with lingering disbelief.

"Holy shit it is you! Are you from the future?! Is it that weekend?"

"What?!" Grace demanded again, louder.

"What?" Sila asked weakly, completely bewildered all over again.

"What? No seriously, what?" Jack asked, casting a helpless look around at the entire crew who were watching with equal confusion.

"Fandom thing!" Captain Leda of the Border Islands announced. "Less thinking more drinking!"


"After you've done your work!" Grace reminded them.


To be continued...


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