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Sila had held it together rather well, all things considered. Jack on the other hand...

"Jack!" Silaro smiled. "Fancy meeting you-urk!"

Jack grabbed his old friend in a manly glomp, eyes bright with old tears.

"Uhm, yes." the Merman said awkwardly. "Hello."

"So," Leda guessed, "You know each other."

"No," Sila joked. "He's like this with everyone."


For the past few days, Sila and Jack had been staying with Leda (who in this world was called Falas, Elvish for beach) and her family in their home. Which before the return of Faerie had been a Ripley's Believe it or Not museum.

Little Sila had been told that Big Sila was just another half-Mer/half-Elf named Sila, which she seemed to buy. It wasn't that much of a stretch actually. Adventurous her father might be, but he wasn't hugely imaginative. As it turned out, Sila was a very common name among the Mer Folk. Sila had met five just in the royal household.

Though she'd been reluctant to do so, Sila had eventually told them a bit about her world and her life. Silaro took the news that in her world it had been he, not Polaris who had died rather well, but Falas had needed some time alone after the tale.


Sila was standing on a balcony overlooking the street, watching the rain, when Falas returned.

"It's Grace and Silaro's turn to ship out next." she said idly. She offered Sila a bottle of something blue, which she suspected was some kind of rum. The trio rotated whenever a voyage was to be undertaken. That way everyone got a turn staying with the kid, and everyone got a turn out on the ocean. It was an arrangement that worked for them.

"When the conflict between my parents house and house Alton reached it's crisis point, we fled here. I guess because of the distance and the assistance we got from the Mer, it took a lot longer for Corwyn's assassins to catch up to us. Than it did in your world.

"By the time they showed up, we'd all but disappeared into the population. His plans to wipe out his enemies were stymied and eventually exposed. He was forced to put up or shut up.

"He seceded his lands from the rest of the Elven Kingdom. There's a truce on at the moment, but it was enough for my parents to decide to go home. But I didn't want to go. I grew up here. They named me Florida when we moved here, but I could never pronounce it right so, Leda.

"They let me stay with an older cousin to look after me, and then when I was 14 or so I went to Fandom. Had a lot of adventures there, and burned a lot of bridges. So when I graduated I thought it might be best to leave the Leda identity behind. Falas might not be the most imaginative name, but..." She shrugged. "Not a lot of Elves here so it sounds exotic."


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