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"You said you'd send me home." Leda pouted, doing her best to look adorable and pathetic.

Lady Alton arched one of her eyebrows. "I said I'd try when I was done with you. What's the matter Dear Me? Aren't you having fun?"

Leda's pout slid into a wicked, sadistic grin, her face morphing into the demonic visage that was her true form. Lady Alton didn't think she'd ever get used to seeing this horrific mirror image of herself.

"Oh I am." her doppleganger said. "Eating dear old Corwyn was the best birthday present ever." And how odd was it that she'd still wanted vengeance for her parents? "And don't get me wrong Lady Me, you've a lovely, terrifying home. Especially the Forest of Bones. And Bloody Mary is a wonderful playmate." She sighed. "But I'm homesick. And I miss my sire." Dear Eleanor, what was she up to right now? Better not be seducing a new child.

Lady Alton could pretend sympathy with the best of them, but she couldn't help actually feel a bit for this one. They were after all, alternate versions of the same person.

"The barriers between worlds are still weak." she said comfortingly. "It won't be long now before I have what I need, and you can be on your merry way, reunited with your true love."

"You know you've never actually told me what it is you're looking for." Leda said.

"No. No I haven't."

"You're lucky I think it'd be too weird to drink my own blood."

"And you're lucky I've a soft spot for myself. Now, are you ready for some more fun?"


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