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Tweet 1: Party in a literal haunted castle. What could go wrong.

Tweet 2: I brought the spooky floaty ghost-like kid with me. I'm not sorry.

Tweet 3: I just saw a ghost get creeped out. :)

Tweet 4: What. The. Fuck. Just. Happened?!
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Though the mainstream media is not reporting it, (because the mainstream media has been doing everything in it's power to make sure no one knows about it), citizens of both Bordertown, and Faerie have been lending whatever public and financial support for the Standing Rock Protesters.

Leda has even tweeted in regards to the situation: "I'm rooting for them, the folks protecting their home."
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The lands that once were terrorized (okay, ruled) by Corwyn of House Alton were now under the control of Mab, former Queen of the Fae in Ireland, and Vampire. She was, although terrifying and ruthless, a good ruler.

The people occupying her lands were safe. They trusted their scary Overlady to protect them. And she was also, very good to the dead.

Every year when the seasons changed, Mab held a special court. A court for those who had passed on. Since the barrier between the worlds was thinnest, and the Unseely Court was at it's most powerful, Mab was able to grant the spirits of the dead access to her hall for one week.

It was occasionally a time of reunion. Often these spirits would have messages of love, forgiveness, or "my will/treasure is hidden here..."

But sometimes they came to seek justice. The ghosts of murder victims could take this opportunity to declare for all to hear, just who had killed them. And just ruler that she was, Mab would see that it was made right.

That time was approaching, and Mab was gathering her strength, and trying to persuade her Great Grand-Daughter Leda to attend.

"They'd love to see you!" Mab insisted via mirror. "I bet I could talk your parents into coming to visit. Your Grandmother had a lovely time with your Grandfather lat year."

"Uh, right yeah." Leda hesitated. She remembered getting to see her mother back in Fandom once, and it had been deliciously bitter-sweet. Still...

Mab sighed. It hurt that Leda still didn't trust her. But of course she couldn't blame her. "I get it." she said finally. "I'm a Vampire, you're terrified of me. No amount of me insisting I would never feed on family is going to change that."

"Mab are you trying to guilt me?"

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There was something eerily familiar about the mute child and her guardian that Ron, Elora and Grandpa had picked up. They had found the pair thumbing a ride outside of a small town and agreed to give them a ride to...well wherever.

The young man accompanying the kid had told them they were on their way east to visit relatives. But they'd been waylaid by rednecks who had stolen all their money and bus tickets. And while the story was doubtful, both did seem to have been hard treated recently.

Then it hit him. He sent a quick text to his Aunt's friends.

Does anyone have pictures of Aunt Leda as a kid?

For that matter,

Mom is everything okay there? Mom's not missing again is she?!
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Ron had learned some very rudimentary windows movie maker techniques and made a musical slide show of his travels around the US. He titled it "Greetings, From the World" and sent it to his family.
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Leda's leg was always at it's worst in the mornings. Stiff and painful and in need of a good walking off. She found that a stroll helped work the kinks out and then she was able to get on with her day.

And the earlier she did this the less likely it was a lot of people would see the really bad limp.

The Elf Queen had had a number of adventures in the last 20 years. The last one had resulted in an injury that even magic had not been able to fully heal. As a result, she had to walk with the assistance of a cane.

On the other hand she got to start collecting canes. So, that was kind of fun.

Therefore! Cane in one hand and super big travel mug of Elven Coffee in the other, Leda was enjoying being back in Fandom for the first time in a long time. She wondered if she'd see anyone she knew.
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Tonight Leda would be heading back home, and Ron and tomorrow Ron and his entourage would be off up the coast to continue his journey of self-discovery.

But for now they were catching up on their various recent adventures and sightseeing (and shopping of course. They were tourists after all.), and signing the occasional autograph.

"No, no I'm not her." Leda laughed when someone mistook her for Natalie Portman. "Try again."

[Handwavy invite to her friends to come join.]
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It was not a stormy night, but never the less it was dark, for there was no moon that night. Leda lay slumbering, blissfully unaware of anything untoward. And then her closet door slowly opened.

A pale figure, glad in a white gown, it's face hidden by a mass of lank, black hair, floated out and towards Leda's bed. The small, spectral presence hovered by Leda's bedside for a moment, and then a hand reached out for the sleeping Queen.

"What?" Leda demanded unexpectedly, making the intruder jump. It wasn't so much the suddenness of the word, as Leda's tone.

"Can I have a glass of water?" the spooky child whispered.

Leda turned over and glowered sleepily at the intruder. "You can sneak into my closet in the middle of the night, but you can't get yourself a fucking glass of water?"


With an exasperated sigh, Leda hauled herself out of bed and took the odd little girl's hand. At times like this she was glad the kid habitually hovered. It meant she didn't have to bend over to do so.


Leda barely remembered she was here as an official guest, and kept from exclaiming out loud. Never the less, her Elven Deadpan failed her.

"Not what you expected is it?" The Dwarven Thane beamed. She was the first Elf to visit the Dwarven capital in centuries and he was pleased that she seemed to be impressed.

And it certainly was not what she'd expected. Not even Tristan's nostalgic descriptions did the place justice. Despite his assurances, she'd expected the cave city to be, well, somewhat cramped. Dwarves were tiny! How much head room could they possibly need? But no, the cavern was so vast, she couldn't see the ceiling, regardless of the massive amounts of lighting.

"It's...beautiful." she said, not bothering to hide her awe.

the Thane seemed to swell with pride. "From one who has seen wonders as you have, that is high praise indeed.

"Now, tell me, have you made my youngest son a man yet?"

It was a good thing Leda wasn't drinking anything just then, or she'd have choked on it. That was supposed to be a secret.

"Ron!!" Leda and her nephew embraced for a long moment. "Elora!" Leda glomped her cousin with equal enthusiasm. "Guy I don't know!" she hugged their embarrassed guide.

"Uh, your majesty." the man said, aww, the old dude was actually blushing!

Leda, fully warded this time, was back on Earth for the first time in a while. She was making a rare appearance on a human talk show, but the gimmick was, she was going to be meeting the actress who had played her on the Bordertown series.

As much as she wanted to catch up with Ron and hear all about his adventures, she was really looking forward to chatting on the air with pseudo-her.
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"You're shorter than your pictures make you look."

Leda raised one eyebrow. "The advantages of dating a half-Dwarf." he said. "Plus it's the suit. Seems to stretch me out yeah?"

The interviewer looked skeptical, but that was to be expected from someone used to being skeptical of authority figures. "Human style isn't it?"

"Well, yeah, but the coat was designed by Dragons so I didn't go completely native."

As the interview went on, Leda noticed that the tone got much more relaxed. He was glad. This was his first time talking to a representative from real Anarchist publication.

Leda told them about his war with Lady Corwyn. How the only reason he'd agreed to take on the job of King was to make sure someone like that didn't do so. He told about his life in Bordertown his "bromance" with Sai and Wiseguy (well okay more romance with Wiseguy). He even talked about his problems with substance abuse, and how that, plus the "Psycho-Ex Girlfriend" had led to the downfall of Castle Pup. And how Leda was short for Florida.

"Yes the time travel thing. That must have been weird."

"Oh, you have no idea. I did my best to ignore the kid living in the shed. You that I think about it, I wonder if Mooner's taking a shine to him was part of why I broke up with her. That was just too much."
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Rain had finally called Leda. The music in her impression ball helped. She'd never experienced music in the same way as a hearing person did. She didn't hear it, so much as she felt it. For a hearing person, an impression ball was basically the magical equivalent of wearing headphones. But with the ball feeding the music directly into her, she felt it with her whole body. She honestly thought she probably got more out of music than those who only experienced it with their ears.

Leda had been surprised, and then beside herself with glee to finally not be passed over for this weekend. Rain though was being infuriatingly vague with future details. Then somehow the circumstances of her arrival in Fandom came up.

"What?! Why were we fighting? Oh Gods please tell me I didn't grow up to be some kind of stick in the mud!"

"Not usually. But..." she rolled her eyes. "You're really mean to my boyfriend!"

Leda narrowed her eyes, in thought as much as anything else. "Is he a bigot?"


"An elitist?"

"Ugh, no!"

"Boring? Smelly? A gold digger? Older than I am?"

"He's awesome Mom!!" Rain went on to describe her beau, and Leda began to get it. Her future daughter was enamored with a charming, handsome, roguishly witty young man, who sounded a hell of a lot like Mooner.

"At any point in our fight did I use the phrase, 'I made these mistakes so you wouldn't have to'?" she asked.

Rain ducked her head, going deadpan.

"Yes. AndIsaidyoushouldnotexpectmetobeasstupidasyouwere."

"What was that?" Leda actually hadn't known you could mutter in sign. She really needed to brush up.

"I said I rolled my eyes and then the portal happened."

"Okay well I'm a lot closer to your age now than I will be by the time we had that fight, so can I at least give you some advice?"

"*sigh* Fine."

"Just be careful. Okay? He does sound like a decent enough sort, but those kinds of guys can be...unpredictable. What's he like when he doesn't get his way?"
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Everyone's got their drama. Every country, every culture has their own sagas. And many times, they are unaware of those of others.

For instance, while Leda's conflict with Corwyn was common knowledge among Dwarves (mostly because it also affected them) very few were aware of her failed marriage. And her convoluted time-warped upbringing was virtually unknown.

But of course, the Dwarves also had their own juicy stories. What few outside their own mountains knew (Leda did, through one of Leander's periodic Gossip Sessions (he preferred 'Intelligence Briefing')), was that the Thane of the Dwarves had a son he didn't speak of.

The lad was in very little danger of being saddled with the job of ruler, both because he was the youngest child, and also because his birth happened outside the accepted Dwarven traditions.

Also he was a Halfie. (The Bordertown slang term had made it all over Faerie by now) His mother was an Elf. (Well, any bipedal Fae of sufficiently Dwarvenoid appearance who was taller than they was labeled an Elf)

As if all that weren't enough;

“I prefer to be clean shaven.” Tristan confessed to Leda.

She gasped in mock horror. “You deviant!”

“You laugh.” he said seriously. “But among Dwarves that's as big a thing as short hair on human women, or long on men.”

“I'm not sure that's still a thing. But I take your point.”


But a royal son is a royal son, even if he's illegitimate and an embarrassment. And therefore a tempting target for anyone looking to harm or influence the Ruling Family.

Fortunately for Tristan, Leda happened to be spending her birthday weekend in Bordertown, and was able to intervene.

“It's just like the old stories!” Leda laughed delightedly. “The brave Princess rescues the beautiful Prince!”

“Psh,” he retorted modestly. “I'm not beautiful.”

“That's okay, I'm not brave. Run!”

“You were supposed to disagree!”

“You're very pretty! Keep running!”


Of course Leda had actually initially thought the gang of thugs were after her. By wonderful coincidence she'd been going through the fun-house at the same time Tristan was. The fun-house of course was an elaborate trap for the intended target.

“Oh! Oh you're after him! Terribly sorry, I'm used to being the center of attention. I'll try not to be offended. Oh and also no, you're not taking him anywhere.”

Then she paused, as she realized that somehow the mirror in the corridor was reflecting her as a man wearing a snappy blue suit and an awesome coat. While Tristan was being reflected as a young woman.

“Is that what I'd look like as a man? Hey not bad.”

“Who are you?” The lead thug demanded.

Leda fixed him with her best Karla glare. “I'm Batman The Doctor Leda of House Danan. The Queen of the Elves. Graduate of Fandom High Class two thousand something or other. I've ridden Dragons-”

Tristan snickered.

“Quiet you.”


Tristan, it turned out was not quite in need of rescuing as one might have suspected, despite his beardless visage. He was in fact a master of the Dwarven martial art of headbutting and kicking people when they're on the ground. Between that and Leda's own unique talents, they escaped, just in time to be rescued by Stick and Berlin.

Then they finished off the night at the Dancing Ferret, where she finally actually learned his name.

“Tristan? Oh that's beautiful! Can I be your Isolde?”

“...I don't know who that is.”


“I'm kidding!” he laughed. “Let's skip the epic tragedy part huh?”

[Special Guest Star: Brandon Lee as Tristan, with special appearances as David Tennant as Male Leda and Jenna Coleman as Female Tristan.]
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I'm so proud! Finally I wasn't the one getting kidnapped!
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Florida groaned, and held her pillow over her face. “Worst, Parents Weekend, EVER!” Fandom had outdone itself, pulling the old gender swap madness on Parents Weekend. It was bad enough having to explain to Wolfboy that she was indeed his adopted little sister, regardless of extra bits, but he was also freaking out about his own transformation.

“You're telling me.” her roommate, Anastasia grumbled. “Thanks for hitting on my dad.”


"That's almost as bad as when you got all hot for the History of Poisons teacher."

"Don't you judge me, Little Miss I Can Redeem the Anti-Christ."

"Hey, first of all, you were into him too. Secondly, as it turns out he was totally redeemable. Not my fault he fell in love with the fucking messiah."

Their door was open, so Bob (or Invisiboy as the Phys. Ed. teacher insistedoncalling him) stuck his head in. All that could be seen of course, were his glasses and Mr. What hat.

"Dragonboy's been turned into a for-real bearded dragon and it turns out Professor Lugh's not immune to Gremlin venom. He's carrying him around crowing about how he's the Daddy of Dragons and he's gonna re-take Ireland!"

Then he was gone, no doubt off to take pictures. Florida and Anastasia looked at each other for a moment, then burst into giggles, running out after him.

Fandom was awesome.
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She rode a blazing saddle... )

[I have only the vaguest idea where I'm going with this. I just knew I wanted to write it. And the other bits that are coming.]
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"In the past, I've denied there was any truth to the Changeling myth. I considered it to be another in a long list of stories spread as anti-Elf propaganda. Or as a superstition based on lack of understanding about certain medical conditions.

I was wrong. I recently learned that, centuries ago, Elves did, on occasion switch their children for human kids. They did this for a number of *bleep*ed up reasons, but the most common was that if their kids were 'flawed' in some way..."


Wiseguy had all but begged Ron to return to Faerie when Leda had sent out her warning. He declined, but was being extra careful to hide his ears.

There hadn't been any attacks on Elves living in the World as yet, but tensions did seem to be rising in some areas. True to Leda's worries, some of the more vocal crazies had begun spouting BS about checking any children with physical or mental conditions.

No picketers outside the embassy yet. No more than the usual. Just new signs.

Donald Trump almost immediately pledged to put a stop to Elven depredations.
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Brothers and Sisters,
For years I have been denying any stories about Changelings, believing them to be merely myth. However it has recently been brought to my attention that once upon a time, this did happen from time to time.

While I cannot in good conscience continue to deny these tales, I would not have you placed in harm's way without warning. So be aware that a day may come when I must come clean about the past. And if and when that day comes, it may become uneasy on Earth in regards to Elves.

I leave it to your own consciences as to whether to stay or return to Faerie, but if you do choose to say, enclosed is a contact number for those who can help you, just in case.

Be well,


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