Groovy Tunes, Wednesday

Jul. 26th, 2017 10:06 am
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 It was one of those totally unexpected days, where everything worked as it should at Groovy Tunes. The stereo obeyed orders. The little blue men were nowhere to be seen. The Silence was asleep in a box on the top shelf in the store room. Lucille was playing the keyboard, trying not to get suspicious. Because with things this pleasant, something bad was bound to happen.

Lucille wasn't a very trusting person, but at least she was going to enjoy playing for as long as it lasted.

[Open and OCD-free!]

The Magic of Plants, Wednesday, Per 3

Jul. 26th, 2017 02:16 am
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Karla might live in Glacia, but she still kept tabs on Earth. So she was more than a little aggravated with politics when she arrived in Fandom for class today. They were playing dangerous games and they weren't even playing them well and that just offended Karla right down to her bones. She was half-tempted to March to DC after class was over and show them what a real ruler looked like.

"So, everything is kind of terrible today," Karla declared. "And while it was tempting to show you all how to make alcohol out of plants, I'm supposed to be some kind of role model or something. So instead, we're going to watch a very serious movie about how useful plants can be and why you should take care of them."

While snacking on roasted piñas, or agave hearts, that just happened to come with an explanation of how to make mezcal, on the off-chance that was helpful to anybody.


Jul. 25th, 2017 09:56 pm
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SHARKICANE! Because Sharknados are so 2013.

A long time ago on an island not so far away, Jeff, the God of Biscuits, really wanted to open a bakery in Fandom but he was short on the cash he needed. Naturally, he went to another, less minor, god for a loan to cover the difference.

...he chose Eshu, the Nigerian mischief god. Jeff: great at baked goods, not so great on noticing when choices will come around to bite him later. Eshu decided to lose the loan in a card game transfer the debt to a group of actual loan sharks because it'll be hilarious. He's sitting off on the sidelines with popcorn, and Fandom will get to deal with SHARKICANE: THE MORE METEOROLOGICALLY PLAUSIBLE DISASTER FOR THE EAST COAST.

Rolls right off the tongue, huh?

So how will this work?

At the beginning of the week and entirely unrelated (probably. Jeff owes some weather gods money too), a hurricane will begin to develop in the Atlantic.

On Thursday, August 3, the loan sharks will pay a visit to Jeff, and make him an offer he can't refuse: pay the interest of his loan or get eaten on Saturday. They gave him a couple days, y'know? They didn't have to do that. It's also announced that the hurricane will make landfall on Saturday, so everyone is encouraged to buy flashlights and candles, non-perishable food, and toilet paper because it's not a disaster if you haven't bought toilet paper.

On Friday, August 4, the loan sharks' enforcer sharks begin circling the island, catcalling Jeff and making generally terrible fish puns. Winds start kicking up on the island and it begins to rain. The waves on the shore get more menacing.

On Saturday, August 5, against most known rules of non-Sharknado physics, the hurricane scoops up the sharks and begins dropping them--and a ton of rain and wind--onto the island. Yes, they can crash through your house! Yes, they can swim in the lake! Yes, you can kill them with chainsaws!

...and yes, they knock out the power for all of your cuddling-in-the-dark-and-missing-air-conditioning shenanigans.

On Sunday, August 6, a group of heroic Fandomites will test an Extremely Good Theory of Hurricane Dissipation. Namely, dropping a huge ice cube (or a few dozen frozen sharks…) into the eye of the hurricane. Is this a terrible idea? Very likely! Has this ever stopped anyone on this island? NOPE. While our heroes/heroines are doing this, the winds are still blowing, the rain is still coming down, and the sharks are still eating NPCs you don't like and wreaking havoc on the teal deer and alot populations.

What do we need from you?

--We need nerdy volunteers to discover the theory that giant ice cubes can destroy hurricanes, and volunteers to fly into a shark-ladened hurricane and chuck frozen sharks into it. We also need people who can figure out how to freeze sharks.

--We need business owners/homeowners to volunteer their places up for storm/shark damage.

--We need at least one person to kill a shark with a chainsaw.

So! Questions, comments, amazing fish puns?

Room 322, Tuesday Evening

Jul. 26th, 2017 03:20 am
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Kathy had a guitar now, and while Dante figured Spencer would take most of the lessons on himself - he had a feeling he'd be helping Kat out often enough. So he'd decided to spend the morning going back to the old 'basic guitar jams on acoustic' book and drag up some old tunes that were relatively easy to learn.

And the whole Queen... thing the other week had him... maybe trying to sing along. You know, a little, and softly.

By evening and after classes, he was still at it.

"...It's something unpredictable, and in the end is right, I hope you've had the time of your life..."

The door was open.

[[ and so is the post ]]

Caritas- Tuesday

Jul. 25th, 2017 02:22 pm
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Kitty was having one of those days where, despite working here at night, couldn't manage to fully wake up. So, she was more than happy to take any orders that would keep her up and moving, but for the most part she was trying to make her latte last as long as possible.

Was it an abuse of power to make Tino go get her another...?

[Open, no OCD!]
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"Good help is hard to find," Aphra announced to the class. "Which is a problem because you're gonna need it, since even someone as awesome as myself needs back up from time to time, and since you want to be the helpee instead of the helper, because, trust me, the latter is never a good idea, you're going to need to learn to recognise that good help when you see it."

"So, mock interviews, I've assembled a short list of candidates and you get to pick the best one." Or least worst. Because that was more likely.

Turtle & Canary; Tuesday [07/25].

Jul. 25th, 2017 09:04 am
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There was a bean problem at Turtle & Canary.

Thankfully, it was not like last time, when the "unicorns" had gotten into a bunch of baked beans and the results were like something out of a some horror movie about deadly noxious gas, but rather it was simply that there were too many of them. One would think, with such dexterous sticky fingers as the Merchant of Miracles had, he'd be better at typing in orders, but he always seemed to place that pesky decimal in the wrong place.

So there were a ton of beans, and the unicorns were eyeing them, so the Merchant knew he had to try to move them fast. Of course, he could just put them on sale, but, surely, there had to be another way. So with a little quick thinking, he whipped up a sign for the window.

Now at T&C!
*Magic only if you believe hard enough

Yeah. That should do the trick!

Today's Squishy Flavors
Black Bean
Navy Bean

Turtle & Canary is open!

Needful Things; Tuesday [07/25].

Jul. 25th, 2017 08:53 am
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The last thing Summer expected to find when she was cleaning up and rearranging at the store today was a potential gift for her mother, and yet there it was, in all its very specific glory.

At least it seemed pretty cheap, but, man, they kind of made something for everything, didn't they? Especially when she later came across something that was weirdly specific and appropriate for her dad, as well.

"People actually spent time making these," Summer marveled to no one in particular, because, really, it was too mind-boggling not to voice some sort of disbelief.

Needful Things is open!

[[and OCD free!]]

meme: potential journals!

Jul. 24th, 2017 09:52 pm
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Yes, we did this in April and I'm the one who posted it and I DON'T CAAAAARE. We've moved to Dreamwidth and it's app season so let's party! I wanna see some of the new journal names you've dreamed up! Show me the shiny!

Pop in your potential future journals and show everyone you might play off! Encourage and enable those characters that you see and you want others to app! Have fun!

Covent Garden Flowers, Tuesday

Jul. 25th, 2017 08:13 am
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Nathan was squinting a little at a shipment of apology cards that had just come in. He was mostly certain that Peter had placed an order last week, after all of the odd apologies that people had been making in the wake of that weekend. But it looked as though the supplier had either mixed something up, or sent a few hundred bonus cards for them to use, as well.

He gave them a call just to be certain, and the answer he recieved was something along the lines of, "For your company's good business. Where else are we going to be able to sell some of those?"

Nathan had to admit that the customer service rep had a good point, and hung up the phone to resume looking, baffled, at the cards. They had room to store them, sure, but he was having difficulty coming up with a situation where they'd actually get to use very many "I'm sorry you spent a few days as a racecar" or "I'm sorry for the loss of your tentacles" cards.

[OOC: And open!]

Furnado Animal Shelter, Tuesday

Jul. 25th, 2017 08:06 am
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So, there were these puppies that Karla had brought to the island, now. Trained therapy dogs? And Zack had promised that he'd make sure they weren't left alone while they got used to life on the island instead of in Glacia. A member of the vet staff had been gracious enough to spend a little extra time with them this past week, and was now assuring Zack that they were utterly charming.

They were also puppies. Clumsy, floppy, roly-poly puppies. Which meant that Zack was totally letting them explore the front room of the shelter, their little noses going a mile a minute as they tried to figure out what was what. This place still had so many smells they weren't used to.

He had a sign in the window now, advertising cuddle therapy sessions free of charge to anybody who just wanted to be buried under dogs. Come on in, take a seat, and let the little bundles of puff do thier thing!

[OOC: Open! Come on in and doggo!]

Dite's Decadent Delights, Tuesday

Jul. 25th, 2017 01:56 am
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So, Kathy had made the mistake of stopping by the diner before heading to work today. And then she and the busboy'd had a twenty minute conversation about the new dating game that was making the rounds and by the time he'd finished explaining the premise (You're a dad! Trying to date other dads! While your daughter teased you!), she was already committed to buying the game.

The rest of breakfast had involved getting the non-spoilery breakdown of the dads (she already liked Coffeeshop Dad and Knife Dad sounded hilarious) while Steam downloaded the game.

And now she was at work, perfecting her dadsona, and to figure out which dad to romance just from the backyard cookout alone.

[No OCD]
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"So last week was too hot and the week before was too cold," Anakin said. "So I've picked the geographic center of the United States today. Welcome to Belle Fourche, South Dakota, where it's going to be 93 degrees today--or 34, depending on which thermometer you can understand. We'll...find something to do."

Oh, you poor children.

Monday, Covent Garden

Jul. 24th, 2017 09:54 pm
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Shiemi had a new book! Or rather, an old book. While home on a mission, she'd found a copy of a book called PLANT LORE, LEGENDS, and LYRICS. It was written using even older texts and stories and Shiemi may have been reading it ever since she got back to the island.

"Listen to this one, Nii-chan!" She'd found yet another bit to read aloud to her poor demon familiar. "According to a tradition of the Arabs, the Melon is to be found in Paradise, where it signifies that God is One, and that Ali is his true prophet. Sebastian, a Roman traveller of the seventeenth century, recorded that on Mount Carmel, in the Holy Land, he had seen a field of Melons which had been turned into stones by the curse of Elias."

She frowned. "Wouldn't a field of stone melons just be boulders?"

Though she was curious about the curse of Elias... whatever that was. Turning plants into stone sounded interesting.

[NOW IN TOWNIES and Open! Feel free to come bother her! She promises to not read aloud to you. Although it is really interesting.]

Lukes, Monday

Jul. 24th, 2017 02:21 pm
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The staff, kitchen and wait-, were all clustered together by the lunch counter today, discussing something called "dadsonas". Eliot was pretty sure he didn't want to know.

"Hey boss!" the busboy called. "What would your dadsona be?"

"Firing you if you don't get back to work."

"Oooo, hardass dad." The busboy shook his head sadly. "Not great for the kid, but I bet you could win over some of the other dads, if they're into being dominated."

"He should be a cowboy dad," one of the servers suggested. "And date the goth dad."

"Nooo, history dad! Then he can turn the guy's teenage dirtbag son around!"

Eliot growled under his breath and fantasized about having a staff that actually bothered to listen to him, anymore.

Today's specials
Tuscan porterhouse steak with red wine-peppercorn jus
Broiled asparagus with garlic
Garlic, basil, and bacon deviled eggs

Luke's was open.

Library, Monday

Jul. 24th, 2017 02:10 pm
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The book Tip was reading during her shift today was really interesting, a neat play of the way two different people observed the same event from different angles and through different lenses, but it still had some issues.

". . . Why did she just call that guy by his name? He hasn't been introduced to her yet."

For instance, it had not been well edited.

She checked the spine of the book, and sure enough, it was done by a big publishing company instead of being self-published or even from a small press.

Really now. The book world was just getting lazy.

[looking at you, HarperCollins. Open!]
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The classroom smelled amaaazing today as the students arrived, and the teachers, for once, were not in some form of costume. "Welcome to Thanksgiving," Steve said. "There's pie."

So much pie.

"We didn't make it," Tony said quickly. "Purchased from the store."

It was important to say, okay?

"Thanksgiving is the holiday that we are meant to celebrate the arrival of the pilgrims in this country, though there are a few issues with that about the, uh, whole fact that people were actually here before then and a very long and ongoing history of subjugation and genocide this country committed against them--" Wow, Tony got that all out pretty quickly. "--also the night before the holiday is considered the biggest drinking day of the year somehow."

He was such a downer.

"I didn't know that," Steve said, looking a little surprised. "It makes sense, though. Thanksgiving tends to a holiday where you spend a lot of time in a room with your extended family, and sometimes people need to, um, prepare for that."

Tony nodded with all the enthusiasm of someone who had indeed needed some of that liquid courage for family gatherings. "There is too much food, a parade, and I've been told some people watch football too."

"We'll skip the football today," Steve said, "but parade watching is essential." These were two New York boys, after all. "And then we can eat turkey and potatoes and rolls and pie and more pie and go around the room and say what we're thankful for this year. That part was something my mother always made us do before we could eat."

Shockingly they were going with the healthy family tradition out of the two of them, yes.

"I am thankful for good friends," Tony said to give them an example of it.


Steve grinned at him. "We were never allowed to repeat what other people said," he said, "or I'd say the same thing. I'm thankful for...the many ways people can stay connected now."

Most of which had been made for him by Tony.
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"Birds are weird."

These were Philomena's first words to the class, as the little chicken roamed about and hopped onto desks and stuff. "Some say birds are secretly dinosaurs that hid and pretended to be something else so the asteroid wouldn't notice them. They say old dinosaurs were growin' bird feathers millions of years ago. But that sounds like a load of horseshit, dinosaurs look like naked goblins with giant heads, we've all seen them on the telly. Actually think there's one living in Brixton right now."

A pause.

"Or that might have been my gran," she mused. "There's just no way to tell."

She eyed the chicken again. "Anyway, birds are weird. They float in the sky, and nobody knows why," she said. "It's this unknowable, impossible thing, like they're from Hairy Pawter or somethin', some evil bird magic. Some wonder if birds might come attached with tiny strings and we just can't see 'em so good. Or maybe they're not flying at all, they're just walkin' 'round the floor with mirrors to confuse us all, the right bastards."

She'd lived with a chicken for months. She knew they were bastards.

"If you ask me, they're just flagrantly spitting in the face of science," she said, stone-faced. "So I want you all to spend today showing the birds that what they're doing is impossible and they should really be dropping out of the sky now." Beat. "By throwing things out the window."

She pointed at the window. "Grab whatever you've got," she said gravely. "Let's prove to these bastards things can't actually fly and airplanes are myths."

The chicken had pooped on her pillow that morning.

Demon Marcus, Monday

Jul. 24th, 2017 07:15 am
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She and Ringo hadn't talked about it since the beginning of summer, but today, for some reason, Alluka was back to pondering what it would be like to explore her own world.

"I don't even know if it'd be fun," she confided to Mr. Bubbles, as she sorted through the newest stock for things that she liked and things that she was going to put on the shelves. "But it probably would be. There's got to be a lot of things beyond my room, right?"

Mr. Bubbles, having never seen her room, wasn't sure of this.

"Don't worry," she said, trying on a floppy beach hat. It fell over her eyes and, as she pushed it back up, she continued with, "We'll talk with all the others about it tonight, too. They'll make sure you and the other newer ones are filled in about what it was like."

Demon Marcus is Open!


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