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"Well well. This is a rare sight."

Leda squinted into the darkness of the alley. She didn't quite expect to see anything, but felt she should look, just the same.

"What's that dear?" she asked. "An 'old biddy' as they say? I've been hearing that quite a bit lately."

The as yet disembodied voice from the shadows laughed. "Well that too I suppose. But I was referring to seeing someone out at night. All alone. People don't seem to like doing that these days."

"Yes well if you kill enough people in the dark of night, eventually they'll get the hint. Evidence from horror films notwithstanding."

"And yet, here you are."

"Here I are." Leda agreed. "All helpless and alone. It must be a trap I suppose."

There was a pause, and Leda could swear she actually heard the unseen Vampire, for she was sure that's what it was, sniffing the air.

"If it is, it's not the conventional type. You really are alone here, and your appearance isn't a glamour. Have you come looking for release?" Why she almost sounded compassionate.

"Oh that will come soon enough I suppose. But really I just felt I had to come and deal with you. I'm reckless you see."

Suddenly, there she was, pale, dark haired and beautiful. And familiar. Leda's eyes widened with shock. "You!"

The Vampire moved faster than even an Elf could match. She knocked aside the Old Lady's cane and began to feed. She'd barely taken two mouthfulls however when she pulled back suddenly. "Oh death apples!
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In the history of Bordertown, there had been only three occasions where someone had seen an Elf old enough to, well, look old. The first had been back in the very early days after the return. Then, almost a decade later Wolfboy had seen one. Both of these sightings, as it were, had been out in the Never Never however.

"The Old Lady" as she had come to be known was in town for several days before her hair slipped and someone spotted her left ear.

"What's the matter?" she sniffed, noting the astonishment on the young Human's face. "Never seen a geriatric Elf before?"

So much for her anonymity. Though it had somewhat slipped her mind that she was in a past version of Bordertown. The fact that when she'd visited the Bordertown Library, as Elsewhere was now known, neither Sparks nor Wolfboy had been on duty, didn't help.

Her only concern in not telling everyone who she was, was her desire not to alert this "Vampire" that someone was on their tail. Not that Leda really had any plan beyond, figure out where the thing was. Surely there were "heroes" about right? Maybe that nice Dragon, Stick was still in residence.
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"Well I must say, your attitude is very refreshing my dear." Granny Leda smiled. The young missionary sitting across from her beamed. He had been talking to her about the redemptive power of Christ, and how it was not too late to accept his love.

"I'm glad you feel that way Miss..."

"Leda, Dear."

"Miss Leda. Most Elves don't seem so open to our message."

"Oh well I'm afraid you're fighting an upstream battle there young man. You see your message is so refreshing because up till most recently the majority of Christians have been telling anyone who will listen, and many who won't, that Elves, well all the Fae really, are demons and inherently evil."

The boy's beatific expression faltered somewhat. "Oh. Oh yes, I'm sorry about that."

"Oh don't worry Son, I don't hold that against you or your friends. I also hope you won't hold it against me if I don't take you up on your whole baptism thing."

He sighed resignedly. "Not at all Miss Leda. Our offer of hospitality and a place to sleep is not actually incumbent on you accepting our message, we only ask that you listen."
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Something was stalking the streets of Soho after the sun went down. No one had seen anything, no one who lived to tell about it at any rate. But the rumors were flying, and none of them were pleasant. Bodies turning up completely drained of blood were apt to cause such things.

Then one night someone came staggering in to Castle Pup. No one recognized her, and it was some time before they could get anything concrete out of her. She had been attacked, that much was certain. She bore the marks of a chain, and boots.

St. Jimmy immediately sent Turf with Scotty and Prodigal to get medical help (no one went out after dark alone these days), while Surf did what she could to comfort the girls' spirit.

Finally the girl, who called herself What's-Her-Name mumbled out a confused account. She was newly arrived in Bordertown, and had not known who and what to be suspicious of. She had been set upon by a pack of Truebloods who had decided she needed to be "welcomed". And...something, had stopped them. She never got a clear glimpse of her rescuer. They had simply snatched the attackers into the shadows one by one, till their screams scared off the remainder.

Then her memory grew hazy till she found herself in front of Castle Pup.

"Curiouser, and curiouser." Sila muttered.
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Dear Aunt Momo,

Mom told me about how sometimes in Fandom, people burst into song as if the entire island were in a musical or something. Either that place is leaking, or Ron and I did something. We practiced Bardic magic not too long ago, and about two days later the entire city did the musical thing.

There's nothing like seeing a skirmish between Truebloods and the Pack turn into a dance/rap battle.

Sila and Ron
Surf and Turf
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"Sing me a story, of heroes brave and true,
Handsome and quick, beautiful and fierce.
And a fearless young queen, so cunning and grand,
With a vision no arrow could pierce!"
--The Fall of the House of Alton or, the Saga of Leda of Danan
Quickly becoming an Elvish traditional epic.


Leda just stood for a moment, breathing in the familiar scents of her home town. She swore she could detect the faint aroma of Godmom's pizza, the lavender scented exhaust from spellbox driven motorcycles. The Mad River. And there, on the wind from the east was the odd smell of the Never Never.

"So are we to stand here on the hill blocking the road all night, or are we gonna go surprise the hell out of Wolfboy?" Ron asked impatiently.

Leda opened her eyes and glared at her young companions. "Excuse me it's been a really long time since I've been here last, and I think I deserve the chance to savor it."

"Yeah but we've never been here." Ron countered. "And I wish to explore."

"Technically I have been here before." Sila reminded him. "But I was a little kid then and do not remember much." She shivered, and pulled the knitted cap from her coat pocket. It was a bit of work to get it over her ears. "Seriously though Mom. I sympathize, I feel the same way every time I reunite with Uncle Iranon's caravan. But it's really cold and dry up here, can we at least get out of the wind?"

"Okay yes." Leda agreed. She sometimes forgot how sensitive Sila's skin could get in dry climates. "Welcome to February."

As they headed down the road towards Soho, Leda probably looked very much like the tourist both Sila and Ron obviously were. All three seemed to be trying to take in everything. The only difference was that there was recognition and nostalgia in Leda's looks.

"So, what are you kids looking forward to the most?" she asked.

"The music." Sila said.

"The food." Ron said at the same time.

They grinned at each other. "The boys."

Leda sighed. "This town's gonna eat you alive." She hoped to the Lady's of Never You Mind that she was kidding.
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In Bordertown, the Cutoff was not unnoticed, but it was not much of a cause for concern. Most citizens of Bordertown had no interest in returning to the World or the Realm. It was mostly in the outlying boroughs that the news spread.

Traders, Elven explorers or human runaways having second thoughts found themselves unable to remember the way to the World. Upon approaching where the Borderlands ended and the World began, they would go into a kind of fugue state and wander back to town. Some would lose all memory of who they were until encountering a familiar enough landmark.

Some who heard about it took it in stride. Some panicked. The biggest worry however came from the border to the Realm.

The gate was closed. Elves and Halfies attempting to cross felt as if they struck an electric fence, that forced them back. The latest news from Faerie was that Corwyn had been defeated by a mysterious group that the Queen had recruited. Dragontown resident Eli was rumored to have been among them, but he wasn't talking. Many believed that Corwyn had done something to the border, closing the Realm off from the Borderlands for all time.

Meanwhile a six year old halfie girl with uncanny magical ability painted a message in paint she had summoned from the ether; “how about learn to draw genus”. She painted it at the base of a plaster statue of an Asian Prince in response to a tag that said simply “Bordertown Lives”.

This girl, Rabbit by name, was not worried. She knew when the cutoff would lift and the worlds would be re-connected. She was off by half a day.

Somewhere in the offices of Portalocity, something went *twing*. And someone looked and said; "Huh."

Two weeks after the borders had closed, they reopened. And Bordertown found itself besieged by “noobs”, bringing with them new songs, new fashions, new toys, and new stories.

[I wound up getting jossed about when the Bordertown books took place. Ah well. Leda's friends? Y'all got a bunch of missed calls on yer phones.]
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Gasp and Shock! )

[For Momoko, James and Jon.]
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In which our young runaway finally arrives on the far side of the border )

[Preemptive apology for spamming friend list today. Lots happening in short space of time. Posted early due to family obligation this evening.]
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The party was partly a holiday one, combining as best it could, all the various festivals celebrated around this time of year by all the many cultures represented in Bordertown. But it was also a dedication/housewarming party. St. Jimmy and the New Pups as they had been dubbed (and yes, jokes had been made about this being a Green Day cover band), had worked long and hard to restore Castle Pup to it's former...uh, well perhaps 'glory' is too strong a word. To comfortable livability.

Now it was done, and the Strange Pupae, both old, and new were gathering to celebrate. Leda had invited her friends from Fandom as well as dragging some of her new friends from Faerie.

There was a lot to celebrate.

[Portalocity has figured out how to get stable and safe portals to and from Bordertown, making travel here no problem. So welcome all.]
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"Orient," Tick Tick said warningly, "What are you doing?"

She was still recovering her strength, but a walk from her place to his had felt like the thing to do. She was after all, keeping an eye on him for Momoko. Not that she was certain just what Momoko could do if Orient got into trouble again. Leda had assured her she could help, which was good enough for the Ticker.

She had arrived just in time to see Hawthorn, one of the higher ups in the Silver Suits exit the apartment. And she had seen the look on her friend's face. It was a look she recognized.

"You are not going after him." she said flatly.

"I just need to be sure." he said absently, heading for the stairs.

"Sure of what? Orient what's going on?" The Silver Suits had found the lab that was making the drug. They were on to one of their own that was working with the villains, but they still did not know ultimately who was behind it.

"It would take too long to explain. I have to leave now if I'm gonna-"

"I'm coming with you." she insisted, but at that moment her legs gave a complaint and she had to lean against the wall. Still not at 100 percent.

"No you need to rest." he said, getting on the motorcycle. Then he swore and got off. He checked to make sure nothing had been added to the vehicle. "See? I'm not falling for the old bomb on the bike trick."

"No you're running off after the bad guy alone." Tick Tick muttered as he took off.

She promised free repairs for a month to one of Orient's downstairs neighbors who owned a bike, and they took her to the border. It was closer than the World. There she made use of the alert system she and Leda had worked out. This close to the border, communication was very reliable. The scrying mirror got through to her friend, who then got in touch with Momoko.

[For Blossom!]
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Leander had been afraid Leda might do something foolish. Hopefully the fact that he was right would help offset any anger he may have that she'd done just that.

He had told her that the Elves of Bordertown were not her responsibility. She disagreed. She had been raised in Bordertown, those people were her people as much as, if not more than those of Faerie. And even more important, she had a duty to help her friends if she could. She had failed Triela. She would not fail Tick Tick. Not for lack of trying.

But she hadn't been completely stupid. She didn't waltz into Bordertown soaking up the germs. No she had gotten word to those responsible for sealing the Border, to get a message to Orient. Orient, as she could now see, had gotten the message. Here he was with a rather ill Tick Tick in the side car. She was wearing one of those masks you see doctors wear, and as best she could, was breathing away from Leda.

Leda had one too.

"You were right, the minute I got into the world Portalocity was able to pick us up." he said.

"Good. I'll take it from here." she said.

[Establishy, and now it's off to the clinic!]
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Anyone coming into Elsewhere today might be surprised to find an Elf behind the counter. And that was only because for a while one could only expect to find a human or a Werewolf there.

But out of nostalgia, Leda had volunteered to man the counter for a bit.

[For any of those invited to Bordertown. No OCD today.]
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By the time Leda and Sai reached Bordertown (after a quick run via portalocity to some popular touristy things in the US), time in Fandom had caught up with them. Leda's plan was to spend a few days in her old stomping grounds before heading back to Faerie. She would freely admit she was kind of putting off having to return. Squeezing in as much freedom as she could before she had to get down to some serious attempts to reform Faerie's policies both abroad and domestic. Or as other people put it, governing.

She had sent out handwavey invites to her friends at Fandom, to join her this weekend. She hoped they could make it. This may be the last chance for quite a while.

[For anyone who thinks they would have gotten an invite to visit. Contact me if'n yer not sure.]
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Sunday in Bordertown. Slightly quieter than any other day of the week. Even the gangs are mellower today. Probably because fighting only aggravates their hangovers from Saturday partying. But everything's open. Well the better places anyway :D

[NFB due to distance of course. Open to all.]
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There were many ways to get to Bordertown, but the easiest was the Bordertown Express. Steam engines seemed to work just fine this close to the border, so the old timey locomotive was a comfortable, reliable transport to the city of runaways.

Once one was in Bordertown there was no shortage of things to do and people to see. Up on Dragon's Tooth Hill there were upscale Elven shops. On the side of the city closest to the World side they'd re-opened the Wallmart. Though now it was merely a rather nice flea market where folks sold hand made wares, or things imported from the Human world.

But the best places by far were those in Soho. Like Elsewhere books, where Leda had lived for a time as a child, and even worked for a short while as a young teen. Or Magic Freddy's for the finest in Occult Goods.

Not feeling well? Madam Wu's Apothecary, located just next door to Elsewhere might be your best bet. You can also get good chinese take-out there. Or perhaps you need something more. For that there's Always Milo Chevrolet. This week he's not feeling so sentimental that he'll refuse to sell any of the beautiful vintage and antique cars in his lot.

Places to eat? There's almost too many to choose from! But Taco Hell and Godmom's Pizza are two of the best.

Looking to party? Then Danceland is the place. Or you could check out the Endless Rave.

Lost something? Need something fixed? Both? No problem! For a modest fee (we've primarily a barter system here in B-Town) Orient and Tick Tick will be happy to locate and/or fix it.

And that's only a smattering of what Bordertown has to offer! There's Dragontown, The Dancing Ferret coffee house, and more! Be sure to ask your guide (Leda) for any other suggestions. She's sure to think of more stuff on the fly.

[Come one come all! Just be aware that magic and high tech have mixed badly here so they are unpredictable. And you might wanna stay out of gang territory. The True Bloods don't like Humans, the Pack don't like Elves, and the Wharf Rats wanna share the glories of the Mad River. IE, get you hopelessly addicted to it's intoxicating waters.]


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