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Something was stalking the streets of Soho after the sun went down. No one had seen anything, no one who lived to tell about it at any rate. But the rumors were flying, and none of them were pleasant. Bodies turning up completely drained of blood were apt to cause such things.

Then one night someone came staggering in to Castle Pup. No one recognized her, and it was some time before they could get anything concrete out of her. She had been attacked, that much was certain. She bore the marks of a chain, and boots.

St. Jimmy immediately sent Turf with Scotty and Prodigal to get medical help (no one went out after dark alone these days), while Surf did what she could to comfort the girls' spirit.

Finally the girl, who called herself What's-Her-Name mumbled out a confused account. She was newly arrived in Bordertown, and had not known who and what to be suspicious of. She had been set upon by a pack of Truebloods who had decided she needed to be "welcomed". And...something, had stopped them. She never got a clear glimpse of her rescuer. They had simply snatched the attackers into the shadows one by one, till their screams scared off the remainder.

Then her memory grew hazy till she found herself in front of Castle Pup.

"Curiouser, and curiouser." Sila muttered.
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The party was partly a holiday one, combining as best it could, all the various festivals celebrated around this time of year by all the many cultures represented in Bordertown. But it was also a dedication/housewarming party. St. Jimmy and the New Pups as they had been dubbed (and yes, jokes had been made about this being a Green Day cover band), had worked long and hard to restore Castle Pup to it's former...uh, well perhaps 'glory' is too strong a word. To comfortable livability.

Now it was done, and the Strange Pupae, both old, and new were gathering to celebrate. Leda had invited her friends from Fandom as well as dragging some of her new friends from Faerie.

There was a lot to celebrate.

[Portalocity has figured out how to get stable and safe portals to and from Bordertown, making travel here no problem. So welcome all.]
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Sunday in Bordertown. Slightly quieter than any other day of the week. Even the gangs are mellower today. Probably because fighting only aggravates their hangovers from Saturday partying. But everything's open. Well the better places anyway :D

[NFB due to distance of course. Open to all.]


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