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Leda's return to Faery was quiet and discreet, as she'd taken a portal directly to her bed chamber. Then she'd sent a page to inform her friends of her arrival.

They wasted little time )

The Council of Nobles )

[NFB for distance, NFI as well, but ooc comments are always appreciated. Thanks go to Francine Mun for the casting of Sai. And I hope Karla Mun is happy with the non-casting of either of her father figures as villains.]
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Leda crumpled the letter in her hand. Apparently the body of Crystaviel had turned up in Faerie, right around the time her letter explaining to Leander and co. what had happened reached them.

Apparently the letter wasn't going to cut it. Looks like she was going to be taking at trip to Faery this weekend.


[Door is closed, post is open, especially for the roomie.]
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Leda was not hiding. Okay she totally was. Just what and who she was hiding from she didn't particularly know. Just, hiding in general. From the world she supposed.

Spending the weekend as Florida again had been an oddly enjoyable experience. Odd considering it was due to a cursed necklace. But she had liked spending time with Momoko and James and others while in her wee state. It reminded her of happy times with Wolfboy.

But then things had taken a drastic turn for the worse.

So, now she was hiding in her room, huddled on her bed, trying to ignore the ache in her shoulder, which was harder every time she tried to adjust the sling. Which she probably shouldn't be doing anyway.

She was trying to hide from the memories as well, hiding in memories of better times. Making pizza with Momoko, flirting with James and his sword, playing with Jello with Karla, or her reunion with her mother and Mooner.

She even tried thinking of fairly innocuous things like the first time she saw Kurt without his disguise. He'd been so cute, she kind of had a minor crush on him. Which made her think of meeting and flirting with some of the new kids.

But then she'd think of something like learning fencing from James, and the events of the day before would come crashing back down upon her.

[Door is closed, post is open.]
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The search for the Lost Heir of Faery had cost many their lives. And it had unutterably altered many others, not the least of which was that of the heir herself. For Crystaviel, it had consumed a large portion of her adult life. And it had finally come to an end on an island in the Mortal Realm. She had the child, and they could put all this behind them, and get on with the job of preparing the next Queen of the Elves for her future.

But the best laid plans of Mice and Elves often go awry. )

[This post is rated PG-13 due to violence. Actually open for anyone drawn by the sounds of battle, but mostly for James and Momoko, who by the way have my profound thanks for their help in pre-playing this all out. Also welcome are oocs. ETA: Warning, NPC character death.]
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Why would a bad guy choose the abandoned warehouse district as their hide out?

Tradition of course )

[Establishy only, but open for ooc.]
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There was an unusual creature hopping up the road towards the school. It looked like a rabbit, except it had antlers.

Sciblits the Jackalope was on a mission. His Elf Friend was in trouble, and he needed to find help.

[For Momoko and James please.]
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With James' help, Florida had discovered Ice Cream. Why no one had revealed this treasure to her before she wasn't sure. She was just glad they finally had.

She was still at a loss as to how she'd gotten here, but she was starting to feel safe here.

Naturally someone had to go and ruin it. )

[NFI, but ooc comments are always appreciated. Preplayed with the Fantastical heromaniac, and the Anatomically Anachronistic squire_hand.]
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Leda had gotten the call early today that Crystaviel was in town. It made it hard to concentrate on classes. Then she'd gone to the hotel and now she and her best friend were taking in the sights.

[For one in particular, but open to anyone who'd like to chat with Leda or her friend.]
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As near as the adoption people had been able to figure out, today was Leda's birthday. She was 17. And while in the past she'd had parties to celebrate, this year it looked like if there were going to be any celebrating, she'd have to do it herself.

Not that she minded. She hadn't remembered about her birthday until today anyway.

The phone rang, and she considered letting it go to voicemail, but finally she answered.

Happy Birthday... )
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Cut for disturbing behavior )

[Warning: This post contains depictions of drug use and self mutilation that you may find offensive. I apologize if this upsets you. But it's canon. I will likely not put any posts on island of Leda taking the Peca, but if I do I will be sure to put it behind a cut with a warning. In any case Leda will be hiding her addiction like woah, but the effects will gradually become apparent. She'll be wearing nothing but long sleeved shirts regardless of the temperature, and Peca acts as an appetite suppressant so she'll be losing weight. Again, I apologize to those who find this sort of thing offensive, but it is canon.]
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Dear Mom and Dad, translated from Elvish

So, I learned how to fly recently. It was more tiring than I'd have thought. See magic on this island works as well as it does in Faery. I'm also learning to swim. Which was about as exhausting as I'd expected.:) The students here continue to be friendly, and helpful. Oh and classes are going well.

Dear Wiseguy,

First up, thanks again for coming to parents weekend! It was so cool to see you! Even though you couldn't meet more of my friends. I really wanted Karla to meet you especially. As for Karla and I, things seem to be in a bit of a holding pattern there.

Things here continue to go well. So many cool kids! None of whom have a problem with Elves. Hell some are all about it.

So, I don't want you to freak, but I've started learning how to use a gun. Don't worry I'm not gonna bring one back with me. We all know that would be beyond stupid. It's all just part of the Fandom experience. Like freaking out the newbies.

What did you do for Halloween? Did you dress up or did you and your baby daddy (I'm learning new ghetto slang!) just hand out candy?

Dear Crystaviel, also translated from Elvish

I cannot believe my parents sent you to check up on me. I do hope your report was favorable. Not a lot has happened since your visit. Just hanging out with my friends and learning human foibles. Though I did experience an odd human phenomenon. A renaissance festival. Oh yeah and of course spring break at a place called Kellermans.
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The mocking had started soon after Leda had returned to school, after getting out of the hospital. She was the new girl, shorter than the average Elf, and had lived on the streets with halfies and humans. The clique in charge at Emma Shetterly High were all Dragon's Tooth Elves. Rich, snobby, and arrogant.

Leda had been a tempting target. She was still fragile after the failure of the Strange Pupae. They called her halfie, and mongrel. And that was when they were being nice.

All that changed one day after gym class when Crystaviel, the leader of the clique came to her rescue.

"Enough! Look at her ears. She's as pure as the rest of us. Leave her alone." She had given Leda a gentle smile. "What's your name shorty?" The kindness in her tone helped win Leda over.

Crystaviel had seen something in the showers. Something that had shocked her to her very core. Something she still could not quite believe. A triangle pattern of birth marks on Leda's left shoulder.

In which Leda does not so much fall, as she is thrown off the wagon. )

[Establishy only. Not for broadcast please.]
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Wiseguy told Leda and Leda handwavily to her friends, and then just as handwavily decided what the hell and sent out a mass e-mail about the party in Wiseguy's suite, so that introductions and such could be made.

There was no Peca in sight, but ther was booze, non-booze, and Mad River Water, and Elven Wine. Both very potent and happy inducing, but beware the hangover as certain folks could testify.

Also there was food. Chinese and Mexican. Maybe pizza later.

[Open to all! No we will not be trashing the suite! I am at work so I will have to ping Leda's visitors in later (unless I remember their password). SP is teh love. IMPORTANT NOTE: One of Leda's visitors hates you all. Seriously to Crystaviel all non-Elves are like insects, and you know how some people feel about insects. She will not be letting on though, and she has shields up so you empaths and psychics couldn't be able to tell. She might come across as a bit snobby of course, but no more so than any spoiled rich popular high schooler.
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Emma Shetterly High School
Dragon's Tooth Hill

“Hey Shorty.” Crystaviel smirked as she sat down across from Leda. This week her hair was a metallic silver color, shimmering and shiny. And she was wearing jeans.

Leda decided not to point out that jeans were a human invention. It amused her somewhat how much the Dragons Tooth elves copied from the humans they held in such contempt.

“What's this I hear about you being banished?”

Leda sighed. She'd long since given up asking her friend to stop calling her shorty. It was better than being called Halfie, which was what some of the others had called her before the unofficial queen of the school had taken the former runaway under her wing.

She suspected Crystaviel liked having her around because while the Dragon's Tooth princess had only slummed down in SoHo, Leda had actually lived the life.

“My parents in their infinite wisdom,” she said that last with the expected teenage sarcasm, “Are sending me to a school out in the world.”

Crystaviel gaped at her. That look was almost worth having to leave Bordertown. “The world? As in, Human World?” Leda nodded. “Have they gone completely mad?”

"Funny I asked them the same thing."

"But they seemed like such sensible people. You know, for parents."

Leda's adopted parents had little love for humans. They would trade with them, and did not begrudge them the right to live in the same city, but they certainly did not mix with them. It had been half the reason Leda had run away to begin with.

She believed that they hoped her exposure to the Human world would cure her of certain foolish ideas.


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