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There were more nobles and dignitaries gathered together here since the end of the war. Lord Dagos of the Merfolk, King Thane of the Dwarves, the Matriarch of the Dragons were in attendance along with their immediate families. All the nobles of the lands of Faerie, even some from Unseelie Lands were there as well.

And then there were those Leda was meeting for the first time. The Dryads, Pixies, Kitsune, Nunnehi and Menehune had all sent representatives. And countless others.

Though naturally no Diplomats from the Human realms could be present, the Elven ambassadors to their countries had sent greetings and gifts from them.

"Furachoque of Iguaque!" the herald announced another arrival. A woman in rather elaborate golden attire entered. Her people inhabited a tropical land rich in metallic ore. They traded regularly with the Dwarves, though they were best terms with the Nunnehi and had ancient ties with the Merfolk. Their capital had become known as El Dorado out in the world. She resembled the Elves save for one difference, her feet faced backwards.

[For those invited. The herald is moddable on hand to announce you as you wish.]
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Stormy Waves Upon a Rocky Shore was dead. Dead in just about the most horrifying way imaginable by Leda's standards. She had not been unaware of his feelings towards her, and though she had sympathized, she'd not felt any obligation to even pretend they were reciprocated. She supposed she must have liked him well enough. Certainly he'd earned enough trust to be her bodyguard when Strider was elsewhere. But she couldn't decide how much she actually respected him. He'd remained stubbornly racist against humans right up until the end. Still, no one deserved to die like that. It still gave her the "creeping shivers" as Wiseguy had put it.

Thanks to the magic of...well, magic, everything had been cleaned up by the next day. There wasn't even any water damage.

Now they were busy trying to figure out precisely what had happened. All they knew for sure was that unseelie creatures from the sea had crept up on the palace, killed the sentries, got into Leda and Dagos' chambers, and ambushed them there. Why the King of the Dwarves and Matriarch of the Dragons were not targeted no one was certain.

The two main suspects in all this, were Corwyn of course, and Dagos. An amazingly dramatic way of getting Leda to drop her shields they were saying. She doubted it though. His timely rescue aside, she didn't see him as being that dramatic. Except for that entrance to the conference. Hmmm.

But then more news arrived that was enough to put those suspicions aside. News that made even the coldly dispassionate Mer Lord blanch visibly. The Mer Kingdom was under full out attack by the Unseelie, led by none other than Leviathan itself.

He made short work of any ceremony. Merely giving her a curt bow, and a few parting words. “I find your...views of certain issues foolish, and naïve. But well meant. It may even be that when you defeat Corwyn your kingdom will not descend into blood and chaos because of them. We shall see. I regret that I will not be able to assist you with your struggle against Best of luck to you and your allies.”

Leda sank onto a chair and sighed. “I need chocolate. Lots, and lots of chocolate.”
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Cut for controversial political views )

[If anarchism really is a trigger for anyone, I apologize for not putting it behind a cut in the past.]


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