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Dear Mom and Dad, translated from Elvish

So, I learned how to fly recently. It was more tiring than I'd have thought. See magic on this island works as well as it does in Faery. I'm also learning to swim. Which was about as exhausting as I'd expected.:) The students here continue to be friendly, and helpful. Oh and classes are going well.

Dear Wiseguy,

First up, thanks again for coming to parents weekend! It was so cool to see you! Even though you couldn't meet more of my friends. I really wanted Karla to meet you especially. As for Karla and I, things seem to be in a bit of a holding pattern there.

Things here continue to go well. So many cool kids! None of whom have a problem with Elves. Hell some are all about it.

So, I don't want you to freak, but I've started learning how to use a gun. Don't worry I'm not gonna bring one back with me. We all know that would be beyond stupid. It's all just part of the Fandom experience. Like freaking out the newbies.

What did you do for Halloween? Did you dress up or did you and your baby daddy (I'm learning new ghetto slang!) just hand out candy?

Dear Crystaviel, also translated from Elvish

I cannot believe my parents sent you to check up on me. I do hope your report was favorable. Not a lot has happened since your visit. Just hanging out with my friends and learning human foibles. Though I did experience an odd human phenomenon. A renaissance festival. Oh yeah and of course spring break at a place called Kellermans.
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Wiseguy told Leda and Leda handwavily to her friends, and then just as handwavily decided what the hell and sent out a mass e-mail about the party in Wiseguy's suite, so that introductions and such could be made.

There was no Peca in sight, but ther was booze, non-booze, and Mad River Water, and Elven Wine. Both very potent and happy inducing, but beware the hangover as certain folks could testify.

Also there was food. Chinese and Mexican. Maybe pizza later.

[Open to all! No we will not be trashing the suite! I am at work so I will have to ping Leda's visitors in later (unless I remember their password). SP is teh love. IMPORTANT NOTE: One of Leda's visitors hates you all. Seriously to Crystaviel all non-Elves are like insects, and you know how some people feel about insects. She will not be letting on though, and she has shields up so you empaths and psychics couldn't be able to tell. She might come across as a bit snobby of course, but no more so than any spoiled rich popular high schooler.
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Leda had had another fit of trembling as her body shrieked for more Peca, but it had passed before she felt she needed to call for help. But no sooner had that happened, then a Gremlin who'd been hiding under her bed leaped out and sunk it's teeth into her ankle.

A dark night in a city that knows how to keep it's secrets. But on the 5th floor of the Fandom Building, one woman is still trying to find the answers to life's persistent questions. Gail Noir, Private Eye )

[Open! Leda has become a female version of Prairie Home Companion's Guy Noir! SP probably because my computer is slow and there's lots to do. But come play anyway!]
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Flashback )

There were many reasons why Leda drank Peca. Addiction was only one of them. Right now though, she was only drinking fruit juice. These blends they sold out in the world were great. This memory wasn't one that made her want to drown it. But in case it led to others that did, she had a bottle in the pocket of her jacket.

[Post is open like an open post.]
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If Leda hadn't been so worn out from Detention, she might have been able to dodge the Gremlin that had been lying in wait. As it was, she wasn't.

My name is Valerie Autumns. From the moment I left New York, and set foot in Corinwood, the shadows of the past have loomed over me like the shadow of this great brooding home. Even the inhabitants of this strange and bizarre place hover uncertainly between amazement, confidence and fear.

Fear of the unknown, fear of the past. Fear of the future. Even fear of each other. From the young boy I've come to tutor, to the father he hates. From the mistress of the house who never leaves to the grounds keeper who's loyalty borders on the sinister. From the man who has returned, possibly with ulterior motives, to the girl who I have come to care for more than I ever thought possible.

The shadow of Corinwood even falls over the town below. It falls over the artist living in fear of his secrets. It falls over his daughter who cares for him and worries. It falls over the young man who just wants a future with his girl.

And now all I can do is try my best to make sense of it all. And try not to let their secrets and their deception deter me from my own search for the truth. I can't let the fear and darkness over come me, or I will become like them. Like everyone has warned me.

[Door and post are open. Leda has become Victoria Winters from the original Dark Shadows.]


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