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War's End Chapter 9 )

[And this concludes an extremely long running plot that started in canon, and became completely fanon. Thanks to Karla, James and Blossom.]
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Through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered Leda and her friends had fought their way through the castle, avoiding what trouble they could, dealing with any they could not as quietly as possible.

And now, here they were. The doors to Corwyn's map room stood closed before them, two guards dead at Leda's feet.

Eli ran up to her from where he'd been dealing with a third. "He's in there." he said. "I can smell him." He gestured to the dead guards. "And if he knew we were here there'd have been more of these."

Leda's teeth were gritted, and her right fist was glowing. "Then it's time to end this. I think I'll be polite though. And knock first."

She brought her glowing hand down upon the doors, blowing them off their hinges with a tremendous explosion that sent shards of metal and wood showering down upon, and into the occupants of the room.


War's End Chapter 8 )

[Preplayed with the Scrumtrulescent Three.]
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War's End Chapter 7

Leda )

James )

Blossom )

Karla )

Together Again )

[Preplayed with the usual suspects.]
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Leda had been going over in her head what to say. Almost going far enough to take notes. "I need Corwyn's army to hear me too." Leda told Iranon. "Can you do that?"

"So you want to inspire our side, and demoralize theirs?"

"And maybe foment rebellion, if what I have to say makes sense to them."

Iranon raised a brow. "Yes. We can do that."

War's End Chapter 5 )

[The Obligatory speech. Once again thanks to Karla for the coding, preplayed with the absolutely fabulous Karla and Blossom.]
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War's End chapter 3

Planning, plotting, even scheming )

[Cut for length. Preplayed with the wonderful trinity of Momoko, Karla, and James.]
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Gasp and Shock! )

[For Momoko, James and Jon.]
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In which our young runaway finally arrives on the far side of the border )

[Preemptive apology for spamming friend list today. Lots happening in short space of time. Posted early due to family obligation this evening.]
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From Fandom Pics

Eli wouldn't have thought it possible to be any colder in the lands of House Alton. But this close to the border, it was colder than one could imagine. Perhaps a further deterrent to keep anyone from attempting what he was after.

If I can just stay calm, they won't know I'm gone until it's too late. he thought.

He shivered in his t-shirt and jeans. All the clothes he was wearing. The human outfit itself would be enough to earn him a severe, horrific punishment. That he had been able to obtain the clothes at all was a testament to how successful the Queen's attempts to change Faerie culture were.

The frigid wind stung his golden eyes and made the veins in his exposed skin stand out in blue spiderwebs upon his skin. Only the Elvin blood within him allowed him to survive at all.

His shivering caused the tiny silver bells on his bracelets to chime softly. Fifty nine bells on two bracelets. An archaic tradition to signify Trueblood Royalty. But on him, they were an alarm system. If he removed the bracelets, the bells would cry out a warning to his master, who would then hunt for him.

He took a deep breath and blew it out. It was now or never. Before he lost his nerve, before he could be missed.

He dreamed a willow tree, and it appeared. It's long branches swept over the ground and swayed in the wind. He had formulated a theory that the bells could be fooled if the bracelets stayed in motion. He quickly transferred the hated ornaments to the tree's branches. It seemed to work. No alarm cry went up.

Even the smuggled literature he had gotten his hands on strongly advised against what he was about to do. Travel across the border could only be done safely at the place where it is thinnest. The guidebook pages he had tucked into his back pocket claimed in bold, capital letters that it was virtually impossible to jump the border and survive.

Eli dashed forward, and dove into the border.

The bells on the bracelets sent up the cry, and almost immediately, Corwyn's hounds began to bay.

[Kicking off a plot based on the Bordertown short story "Dragon Child" by Midori Snyder.]


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