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The revolution had been somewhat of an inside joke. After all, the Queen was the one who had spearheaded the movement, though only a very few knew that. What was public knowledge was that the former ruler had stepped down without much of an argument, only a long discussion as to what was to happen when she had done so.

Many said that was why she was remembered with a statue, rather than a blood stain on a wall. Others said that was silly because even those leading the Rebellion had always said she was a decent enough leader. In any case, Leda had said that she was being set free as much as the people were. And so far, things in Faerie were going well.

At the Border School it was a similar, though different story.

More than a decade ago it had been discovered that the Border between Faerie and Earth in fact intersected with many other worlds. Bordertown had become even more strange, and at the same time, more "cosmopolitan". Leda had retired there after abdicating and eventually squatted a particularly odd building on the outskirts of the city. It had been a tourist attraction before the return, and now it housed a number of young refugees.

Leda wished she'd been able to come up with a better name than the Border School. But the kids seemed to like it.

And though she found life as the "Headmistress" of a school much like Fandom incredibly wonderful, it was nice to get a break every now and then.

[Come join Adult Leda on the swings! Reminisce about past times or hear strange tales of the "present"!]
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Leda's Grandmother had come to visit for the Solstice, despite worries that the journey from the family homestead would be dangerous. Now she and Leda were having a bit of tea before she returned.

Leda's Grandmother was gifted with the insight to guess what others were thinking, regardless of mental shields. Therefore she knew that the girl was pondering how her Grandmother looked actually younger than her mother.

"It's the stress." she told the girl. "I was never Queen you see. We were always on good terms with the royal family, but it wasn't until your mother married the crown prince that we became 'royals'."

Leda winced. "Great. She was Queen in peace time even. I'll probably wind up looking like some hag."

Her Grandmother glanced pointedly at the cup of coffee that Leda was nursing. "If you insist on drinking that swill instead of tea."

They both smirked, looking remarkably similar. "And I don't know that you could truly call it peace time." she continued. "Corwyn was always scheming. The return of the human world brought it to a head though. That's when he truly started down the road he is on now. And that's when the strain began to show on your parents. The schemes became more dangerous, some of them even deadly. They lost friends to more than a few. Eventually it got so bad they fled, and well, you know the rest."

Leda sighed and put down her coffee. It was getting cold anyway. She opened her mouth to speak, but again, her Grandmother knew what she was thinking.

"They would both be proud of you. Even before the war you were doing remarkable things. Making friends with the Dragons and the Merfolk, opening embassies in Mortal cities. I know you did not want this job. That you still don't. I hope one day you are able to set the burden aside, but you are a wonderful Queen my dear. From the way you're handling the situation with Corwyn, to your return during our darkest, most hopeless hour." Finally she shook her head.

"But enough of such heavy talk. Tell me more about how the mortal world has changed. I haven't seen it since I was a girl and that was a very long time by their standards."
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After her conversation with Billy yesterday, Leda had a hard time deciding what to do. Finally, she had determined that she did not have to choose. She had spent all night and most of today recording what she knew of Faerie and Bordertown so there would be something left behind if nothing else remained.

Now she stood at the end of the causeway, steeling herself.

[This will be Leda's final post till all this is over. If anyone wants to have a dramatic tearful farewell, this is the place to do it :D]
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The portal dropped Leda off seemingly as easy as ever, despite the difficulties portalocity was having.

The minute she arrived, she placed calls to her friends. She'd been able to get no info from outside Faerie save the PR messages from Portalocity. Hopefully someone here would be able to help her.

She'd suspected Corwyn had been responsible for the Dragons vanishing. Until he vanished too.

[Leda is back to see what's what. Post is open.]
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Leda's jaunt into the world to save Tick Tick wasn't quite a state secret. It was, as Leander put it, just a secret kept between close friends. Only he, Strider, Wiseguy and Sai knew about it.

As far as anyone else was concerned Leda had gone to stay at her family's home in Tira Mountains. This was where Leander had advised her to get her portal back once she was done being an idiot. They didn't need Corwyn getting more fuel for his fire by knowing the Queen had been out among the stricken.

The precautions she had taken took the edge off Leander's anger a bit, and Sai and Wiseguy taking her side helped too. Still, there had been a lecture. Then her grandmother had smacked her in the back of the head.

Leda had a grandmother. Who knew?
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Leander had been afraid Leda might do something foolish. Hopefully the fact that he was right would help offset any anger he may have that she'd done just that.

He had told her that the Elves of Bordertown were not her responsibility. She disagreed. She had been raised in Bordertown, those people were her people as much as, if not more than those of Faerie. And even more important, she had a duty to help her friends if she could. She had failed Triela. She would not fail Tick Tick. Not for lack of trying.

But she hadn't been completely stupid. She didn't waltz into Bordertown soaking up the germs. No she had gotten word to those responsible for sealing the Border, to get a message to Orient. Orient, as she could now see, had gotten the message. Here he was with a rather ill Tick Tick in the side car. She was wearing one of those masks you see doctors wear, and as best she could, was breathing away from Leda.

Leda had one too.

"You were right, the minute I got into the world Portalocity was able to pick us up." he said.

"Good. I'll take it from here." she said.

[Establishy, and now it's off to the clinic!]


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