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The mental blocks were falling, long buried memories exposed to the light for the first time in years.

Cut for attempted forced drug use, and time travel. )
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Cut for contemplations of suicide. )

The fever was burning away all the blocks Leda had built up in her memory... )

[Flashback post number 1. These posts will go backward in time and put an end to the current Leda storyline. My apologies to any and all who were offended by it. Dialogue in this post taken from canon.]
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Leda sat on the edge of the roof looking out at the town spread out before and below her. Tonight she really felt the difference between Fandom and Bordertown.

Once Upon a time... )

She missed Bordertown. )

She wished Crystaviel were here.

Leda rose slowly and stood on the edge. If you didn't look down, and just looked out at the island, you could almost feel like you were floating in mid air.

[Flashback, and emo link drop. Open if you feel like dealing with Emo Elf. That sounds like a weird superhero.]
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When Jack had mentioned a while ago the possibility of getting Leda's magic back, she'd thought he was just being nice. It hadn't occurred to her that he might be able to pull it off. But he'd called earlier and suggested having Karla go spelunking in her brain meats. The idea scared Leda, but, it might work. And she'd decided it was worth the risk.

She had only needed to prepare. )

[And Leda's secret is out. Cut for omg long, and self destructive behavior. Preplayed with the delightful inthereflexes and glacial_witch. NFB.]
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The mocking had started soon after Leda had returned to school, after getting out of the hospital. She was the new girl, shorter than the average Elf, and had lived on the streets with halfies and humans. The clique in charge at Emma Shetterly High were all Dragon's Tooth Elves. Rich, snobby, and arrogant.

Leda had been a tempting target. She was still fragile after the failure of the Strange Pupae. They called her halfie, and mongrel. And that was when they were being nice.

All that changed one day after gym class when Crystaviel, the leader of the clique came to her rescue.

"Enough! Look at her ears. She's as pure as the rest of us. Leave her alone." She had given Leda a gentle smile. "What's your name shorty?" The kindness in her tone helped win Leda over.

Crystaviel had seen something in the showers. Something that had shocked her to her very core. Something she still could not quite believe. A triangle pattern of birth marks on Leda's left shoulder.

In which Leda does not so much fall, as she is thrown off the wagon. )

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Nightmare )

Leda woke with a gasp. The room was on fire! When she woke further she saw that it was not. The heat came from her own body. She had been feeling okay for almost a week, but now the withdrawal was back with a vengeance. She kicked off the covers, but that didn't help.

Struggling to her feet, Leda staggered to the showers, and, still in her pajamas, turned on the cold water. She sighed with relief, the cool water soothing her.

"You can do this." she growled at herself. "You can beat this."

[Mostly establishy, but open.]
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Flashback )

A curious change happened then. As if it had always been this way, Wiseguy was now Karla. Sai had become Annja. And Just Ron? Well it was hard to say. Did he have an eyepatch? Or was he someone else?

And when had Leda's twin shown up? She had blood smeared all over her neck, and her dead eyes stared accusingly at her.

Leda woke with a start, in a cold sweat, and shaking. She'd heard of an American author claiming that it was easy to quit smoking. He'd done it a hundred times. She'd quit drinking Peca several times. This time she thought it might take because all she had to do now, was not ask for a resupply from Crystaviel. She'd drunk the last after returning from that other world.

But Crystaviel was a considerate friend. She'd sent some along with the latest 'care package'. Now Leda stared at the bottle. Just a sip? Just to take the edge off. The cramps hadn't started yet but she knew they would.

All too soon she knew as well, that her mind would start to...what? Hallucinate? Slip away? Remember? A little Peca kept her sane. More made her drunk and happy. And if she drank herself to sleep, she slept deep, and dreamless.

The bottle stood on her nightstand. Just in case.

[Establishy but open for SP for Roomie, or even visitors. Dialogue in flashback is taken from canon.]
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Flashback )

The pop tart things were really hard to cook over a fire. "Shit." Another one fell off her forked stick and into the fire. One more try and then she was just gonna eat the things cold.

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Flashback )

There were many reasons why Leda drank Peca. Addiction was only one of them. Right now though, she was only drinking fruit juice. These blends they sold out in the world were great. This memory wasn't one that made her want to drown it. But in case it led to others that did, she had a bottle in the pocket of her jacket.

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