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Leda had been going over in her head what to say. Almost going far enough to take notes. "I need Corwyn's army to hear me too." Leda told Iranon. "Can you do that?"

"So you want to inspire our side, and demoralize theirs?"

"And maybe foment rebellion, if what I have to say makes sense to them."

Iranon raised a brow. "Yes. We can do that."

War's End Chapter 5 )

[The Obligatory speech. Once again thanks to Karla for the coding, preplayed with the absolutely fabulous Karla and Blossom.]
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Iranon had, almost the moment the enemy forces had shown up, sent one or two of his friends to infiltrate the camp followers, and if they could, without getting themselves killed, some of the rank and file.

One of those was just as glad all the nobles were dead, and likely would not actually have been broken up if the queen had not escaped. He and Leda had never gotten along. But that was neither here nor there.

He loved all the ideas that had been bandied back and forth in the strategy meeting, and had offered to guide those who would be setting said traps.

"So, everyone got everything they need?" he asked.
War's End Chapter 4 )

[Now with actual coding! Thanks to Karla, preplayed with the afore-mentioned, and of course, Blossom and James.]
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War's End chapter 3

Planning, plotting, even scheming )

[Cut for length. Preplayed with the wonderful trinity of Momoko, Karla, and James.]
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There was plotting going on. Specifically, Iranon was plotting to lock Leda and Polaris in a closet with a bottle of wine.

In the meantime there was more fun to be had. There were several nice trails around, some hot springs and mud baths, and a scavenger hunt.

And Smoke and Ember had invited anyone who wanted to to go for a ride. Actually Smoke had offered to let anyone who was interested, ride him. Leda still couldn't tell if he was actually confused at the laughter that offer generated.
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"You're not being quite as subtle as you think you are." Iranon smired as he rode up beside Leda. She was on her way home for her birthday, enjoying the lull in hostilities. Iranon and his friends were escorting her, along with her 'entourage' so as to make sure she was safe. Also to make sure the journey was as fun as it could be.

"The hell you talkin' bout?" Leda grumbled, slipping into a Bordertown accent.

"The oh so clandestine looks you keep casting at yon single mother." he said. Leda heard Wiseguy snicker from her other side. "Polaris might not have noticed them, but I'm pretty sure she's the only one."

Leda kept her face inscrutable. "There could be lots of reasons I'm looking in her direction. And not necessarily at her."

Iranon laughed. "Oh yes? Pray tell."

Leda scowled. "Give me a minute."

Leda's feelings for Polaris had not faded with time, in fact if anything they had deepened. And it hadn't helped that Leander had ever so casually remarked that;

"Should you marry Polaris her girl would become the heir to the throne."

She had retorted that she could never do something so horrible to Silar. But it had surprised her. As backward as many of the Elven traditions were, they seem to have never had any prejudice against same sex marriages, or gender restrictions on who could rule or inherit.

Leander's remark had come from a discussion about how the nobles were starting to get restless for her to marry and furnish an heir. There had already been some preliminary attempts to win her favor with this son or that daughter. Her chief advisor had been hoping that he could at least interest her in marrying for love, rather than politics.

"Meddling kids." she grumbled.
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Though over a month had gone by in the World, only slightly more than a week had passed since Leda had thwarted the kidnapping by the evil horse Fae thing. Now finally the caravan arrived at their destination, Leda riding in the head wagon beside Iranon.

Once her identity had been established, she had seen to the quartering of her new friends, and sent word via a scrying mirror on site to Strider. He arrived shortly thereafter riding on the Dragon Matriarch's youngest child, who had been visiting the capital. Leda quickly told him all about her defeat of the Kelpie, with the timely assistance of Iranon and his friends. No mention was made of the fact that she had been a prisoner of these people for a day or so.

There were no speeches, but Leda made a tour of the camp, making sure everyone's needs were being taken care of. She tried not to let the fact that the people in the camp were treating her with such adoration and deference go to her head. There were many insistences of "No, no I'm not important, I'm just glad I can help in any way."

That night Iranon did perform, using his bard skills to raise the morale of the people even further.

Then the son of a bitch led the crowd in talking Leda into singing for them too.

Swearing vengeance upon him, Leda took the stage beside Iranon, blushing. She did have a few songs in mind now that she thought about it. Songs of strength, hope, determination and freedom.

That was when the assassins struck.
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Leda saw Iranon give her a look while she watched a few of the caravan's kids empty out various stolen goodies from their pockets.

"Hey," she said defensively, "Don't start any lecture. That's a survival skill." she indicated the pirated booty. "I'm just worried the kids are gonna get caught and hurt is all."

"We haven't lost anyone yet." he assured her.

"We know what we're doing Miss Leda." one of the boys agreed.

"Oh crap don't call me Miss, I'm not old enough to be a 'Miss'."

Later, Leda help Iranon hang and fold laundry.

"Okay now I know you're cool." he said.

"Yes. Laundry is the coolest job there is." she grinned.

"You know what I mean. Anyone can talk a good game about everyone being equal. But I'd say a job like this is as far from the top of the ladder as you can get-"

"Shoveling manure."

"I stand corrected."

They smiled at each other then went back to the task at hand.

"So," Leda said, "What was with that musical moment me and Polaris shared?"

"I'm a bard." he said, as if that explained it. She gave him a look that clearly stated he was wrong about that. "You don't know about bards." He sighed. "I guess I'm not surprised. It's a dying art. Bardic Magic is a discipline that allows one to affect changes in the environment and people around them through music. When you were trying to comfort Silar I initiated a bard spell. One chord directed at you and the song came out. The actual song came from you. I was able to tap into it through the music and provide the right accompaniment."

Leda was pretty sure she followed that. And it gave her an idea.

"Any chance I could talk you into performing at the refugee camp? I've no doubt those folks could use their spirits raised."

"I think we can work something out."
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A Brief History of the Fae )

The Secret origin of Leda's new surrogate niece )

But it seemed that they had not quite escaped the attitude that drove them out. Even though Polaris was liked and respected by most in the caravan, Sila still suffered. Many of the children sought her out as a target for their ignorance and cruelty.

Leda dabbed a wet cloth against the bruise forming on the toddler's cheek, cooling it with her magic. Her mother had already tried unsuccessfully to calm the girl. She'd had to excuse herself to get something for the swelling after Sila had sobbingly wished her father had been normal.

"Then I woulnt be ugly."

Leda didn't even notice the music when it started. )

Leda and Polaris stopped singing as the music faded. They both felt better than they had in a long time, and even Sila's face shone with peace and confidence. And the bruise was gone.

What the hell just happened? Leda thought. Is Fandom doing that musical thing again?

Then she noticed Iranon with a guitar in his hand. He smiled and nodded at her, then headed back to his wagon.
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Almost immediately after having her personal effects returned to her, Leda taught those within earshot several new swears. Including, but not limited to, 'Mother Night'. None had heard that one before.

In which Leda teaches new swears, and learns some bad things about her homeland. Triggery bits herein. )

Leda learns that some fears are universal, whether clowns are known to a people or not )
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If it weren't for the bars on the windows, one might never know this was a cell. The wagon was actually brightly, if modestly decorated, and the bed was quite comfortable. But it was mostly the bars Leda was staring at.

Why the fuck do they have a wagon with bars on the windows? she thought.

In Which Leda and her host realize neither is what the other expected )
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All in all, their "guest" was not what Iranon had expected. She had not tried to bribe, or threaten them. She had insisted she be called by her name, claiming she did not believe in titles. When one of his more uncouth men groped her she had said;

"Do that again and the next time you see your fingers will be the next time I take a crap!" There had been a moment of shocked silence at hearing such language coming from a queen. Then there had been much laughter at the offender's expense. He tried to save his dignity by shoving her hard in the back to hurry her along.

The intention had likely been to cause her to stumble forward, maybe even fall. Instead, she pivoted. Her hands were bound in front ofher, but that did not stop her from slamming her elbow into his right eye.

Crossbows were again pointed at her.

"He was being an asshole!" she said defensively.

Iranon was beginning to wonder if perhaps the tales told of the Faerie Queen were true after all.
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The plan had been a good one really. Leda and an entourage were to go on tour of the army and refugee camps to boost morale and get a first hand look at what needed to be done. Because she'd be target primero for enemy forces, she was to ride a horse rather than in the fancy frilly carriage.

All this however had reckoned with out a Kelpie (those were the evil horse like things that tricked people into riding them right?) sneaking into the stables and replacing her horse.

The moment they were out of the city limits, the creature burst from the ranks and carried Leda at greater than breakneck speed into the wilds of Faerie. She assumed it was taking her somewhere to kill her, or deliver her to Corwyn.

Part of the magic of the thing prevented her from simply jumping off. And the jouncing of the ride made it too dangerous to try to cut the saddle straps. She might wind up slicing her own leg.

"Stop and let me off or I'll cut your throat!" she shouted into the thing's ear. It ignored her. "Yeah you're right, I was bluffing." she sighed. Then she cut off the ear she'd shouted into.

With a wail of shock and agony, the Kelpie reared, throwing her clear. A quick hover spell protected her from injury, and she put up a shield as she rose. That was one pissed off looking pseudo-horse facing her now. Blood flowed from it's wound as it pawed the ground. She gripped her knife in one hand and reached her other towards a hidden pocket in her vest.

But before the thing could charge, or she could grab what she was reaching for, several crossbow bolts sank into her would be abductor's throat.

Leda spun, prepared to thank her rescuers, only to find the crossbows now aimed at her.

"Please, do not move Your Majesty." One of the bowmen sneered. "Twould be a shame to mar your pretty face."


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