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"Does it bother you that she looks at you as a pet?"

"Excuse me?!"

"She does you know. Oh I don't mean in a condescending way. It's like how you look at Humans-"

"I don't-"

"OR, how humans look at their pets. Dogs and cats and the like. I mean the kind of human that regards their animals as true members of the family. They respect them, love them, lavish them with devotion and care, and are absolutely devastated when they pass away. Especially when they've raised them since they were babies. And then they get a new one, and the cycle starts all over again. Sometimes they manage to get another generation of the same family line."

Now what had started her thinking about that? A warm bundle of adorable shifted in her lap, and Leda the Elder looked down at the Jackalope that slept soundly there. Ah yes.

The conversation had been with a long ago enemy. One that her younger self would not meet for quite some time. He had claimed to be a God. The particulars of his plan escaped her memory. Something about conquering all of reality using Bordertown as a base of operations. By that time, B-Town, like Fandom connected to almost every world there was. He had collected an interesting band of allies, including a Vampire version of William Kessler, and a version of her, who had been raised by Corwyn. It had taken an equally impressive alliance to defeat him.

"They're like movie stars." she declared aloud, as if continuing a discussion that had been going on all along. Which it hadn't.

"What?" Younger Leda asked, startled. She'd been certain the old one was asleep. "Who are?"

"Gods dear. They come on the scene, making a big splash, and for a while, they're the shit. Everyone loves them, worships them. And then after a while they're not as fresh as they once were. Someone new has come along, or people are just tired of their act. What was 'it' before isn't anymore. Some Gods just don't handle that very well. Just like some movie stars."

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"Do you know what's kept me going all these centuries?" Leda the Elder asked her younger counterpart.

They were sitting in chairs Leda the Younger had had teleported up onto a clifftop, affording them an absolutely magnificent view. Her older self's adventures in Bordertown had both exhausted, and invigorated her. So though she'd yet to regain enough strength to get about on her own, she was filled with new emotional energy, wanting to see something new for the first time in decades. Or at least something she'd not seen for a very long time.

Younger Leda for her part had been glad of a distraction from affairs of state, and of bumming that one of her favorite books now terrified her. She'd tried to re-read Treasure Island, and found she couldn't bring herself to open it.

"What's that?"

"Curiosity. I've spent so much time among shorter-lived races that I've often felt Immortal. And the thing that kept me from either going insane from the loss, or retreating entirely into Faerie, was curiosity. What's going to happen next? What will their children be like? What will this building look like in a century?"

Both Leda's smiled. One in remembrance, the other in understanding. "It was like looking into the future sometimes too. I'd see how Human civilization changed from one decade to another on one world or the other, and think maybe that would, or could happen here."

"And how often were you right?"

"Spoilers dear. Besides I still don't know in some cases."

After a short while, she gave a heavy, though satisfied sigh. "And through it all, I knew it wouldn't last forever. Someday, I too would die. And see all my old friends again. Momoko, Jack, Mooner, Karla, Smoke. And all the others. So many others. But someday, someday we'd be reunited. I might be here for a while, but I always had the option of moving on."

Leda the Younger looked at her sharply.

"Oh not today dear, don't worry. Not today....maybe tomorrow."

"I'm glad to see I haven't lost my sense of humor."
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"Well well. This is a rare sight."

Leda squinted into the darkness of the alley. She didn't quite expect to see anything, but felt she should look, just the same.

"What's that dear?" she asked. "An 'old biddy' as they say? I've been hearing that quite a bit lately."

The as yet disembodied voice from the shadows laughed. "Well that too I suppose. But I was referring to seeing someone out at night. All alone. People don't seem to like doing that these days."

"Yes well if you kill enough people in the dark of night, eventually they'll get the hint. Evidence from horror films notwithstanding."

"And yet, here you are."

"Here I are." Leda agreed. "All helpless and alone. It must be a trap I suppose."

There was a pause, and Leda could swear she actually heard the unseen Vampire, for she was sure that's what it was, sniffing the air.

"If it is, it's not the conventional type. You really are alone here, and your appearance isn't a glamour. Have you come looking for release?" Why she almost sounded compassionate.

"Oh that will come soon enough I suppose. But really I just felt I had to come and deal with you. I'm reckless you see."

Suddenly, there she was, pale, dark haired and beautiful. And familiar. Leda's eyes widened with shock. "You!"

The Vampire moved faster than even an Elf could match. She knocked aside the Old Lady's cane and began to feed. She'd barely taken two mouthfulls however when she pulled back suddenly. "Oh death apples!
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In the history of Bordertown, there had been only three occasions where someone had seen an Elf old enough to, well, look old. The first had been back in the very early days after the return. Then, almost a decade later Wolfboy had seen one. Both of these sightings, as it were, had been out in the Never Never however.

"The Old Lady" as she had come to be known was in town for several days before her hair slipped and someone spotted her left ear.

"What's the matter?" she sniffed, noting the astonishment on the young Human's face. "Never seen a geriatric Elf before?"

So much for her anonymity. Though it had somewhat slipped her mind that she was in a past version of Bordertown. The fact that when she'd visited the Bordertown Library, as Elsewhere was now known, neither Sparks nor Wolfboy had been on duty, didn't help.

Her only concern in not telling everyone who she was, was her desire not to alert this "Vampire" that someone was on their tail. Not that Leda really had any plan beyond, figure out where the thing was. Surely there were "heroes" about right? Maybe that nice Dragon, Stick was still in residence.
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The news that her older self had mysteriously disappeared did not concern Leda all that much. After all, hadn't she appeared just as suddenly and mysteriously? The young queen naturally believed that whatever fluke of time that had brought her here had ended, returning her from whence she came.

But then one of the orphans, a youngster Leda had named Gavroche, mentioned something off handedly. He had expressed an interest in seeing the city, and while Leda was giving him a tour, he said;

"Is this where Granny You got Portalocity to send her?"

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"Well I must say, your attitude is very refreshing my dear." Granny Leda smiled. The young missionary sitting across from her beamed. He had been talking to her about the redemptive power of Christ, and how it was not too late to accept his love.

"I'm glad you feel that way Miss..."

"Leda, Dear."

"Miss Leda. Most Elves don't seem so open to our message."

"Oh well I'm afraid you're fighting an upstream battle there young man. You see your message is so refreshing because up till most recently the majority of Christians have been telling anyone who will listen, and many who won't, that Elves, well all the Fae really, are demons and inherently evil."

The boy's beatific expression faltered somewhat. "Oh. Oh yes, I'm sorry about that."

"Oh don't worry Son, I don't hold that against you or your friends. I also hope you won't hold it against me if I don't take you up on your whole baptism thing."

He sighed resignedly. "Not at all Miss Leda. Our offer of hospitality and a place to sleep is not actually incumbent on you accepting our message, we only ask that you listen."
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Ember had told Leda once that she hadn't really registered that the stream of descendants of Leda's friends and family were different people. While Elves measured their life-spans in centuries, Dragons measured theirs by millenia. The lives of mortals and even half-Elves passed in the blink of an eye for her.

It sometimes felt that way for Leda. And so it was utterly incomprehensible to her that some Elves would seek so to extend their life-times past their natural course.

The latest news from Bordertown was that a new Vampire seemed to be on the loose. What no humans knew, was that Vampires were, if not Elves themselves, than the result of the darkest of Elven magic.

And now there was one in Bordertown. Or, did this make two? Wasn't that young Corwyn boy still in town at this time? Did he count? He didn't behave like the stereotypical Lankin, for all that it was in his name. Well, she'd just have to see what was going on wasn't she?

She remembered how to use portalocity, oddly enough. She hadn't done so in nearly three centuries. She did not however, remember to leave a note for anyone.
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"It's probably just as well that I don't recall many details." Leda sighed, as her younger self helped her onto the couch. "Those Science Fiction writers must have thought they were so clever when they started with all their time-travel stories and the 'one must never know too much about their destiny' trope. But let's face it, that theme's been going around since prophecy was invented."

"Yeah it never works out well does it." Young Leda agreed, sitting down beside her older self.

"That being said, let's look at family photos that haven't been taken yet."

There was still no indication either how Leda's older version had found herself transported back in time, nor how long her trip would last. Both Ledas reckoned it could be a Fandom thing, but hadn't been able to get hold of anyone to check.

After the initial confusion, Old Leda thinking Young Leda was her daughter Sila, Young Leda having no clue who Old Leda was, they were having a very nice visit.

The photo album had come with Granny Leda, as she had been holding it, and so she was able to show off to her younger self. She opened to a random page, and a big group shot was revealed. "Ah, my first graduating class. These two here, were twins. Their mother kept the boy locked in an attic for most of his life up till then poor dear..."
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"There lived a beautiful princess named Karla. Who was destined to be the queen of her realm..."

"What's a queen Baba?"

"Well in Glacia, which was where Karla lived, a Queen was someone who looked after the land and it's people, made sure all was right, and kept the land healthy, and did her best to keep it's people happy. But, Karla's wicked uncle Hobart," she pronounced it similarly to Boggart, "Wanted to be the king of the land. He wanted to rule, and control..."

As the long retired, former Headmistress, former Exile, former Queen, former Street Punk wove her tale, anyone familiar with the actual events would have soon realized that it bore only a passing resemblance to real history. In the story, Hobart became combined with Leda's own nemesis, Corwyn, and the power-mad father of Cap'n Bill, the one eyed, one legged ninja from Bordertown. Likewise Eli and Bill got amalgamated.

She got so caught up in the story that she failed to notice when the little Elfling who was the sole audience fell asleep. Or when she dropped off herself.

"Leda," a gentle hand shook her awake, startling her a bit. Ember knew it would do her old friend no good at all to sleep for too long in the chair. If she was going to sleep it should be in her bed. "Leda I think you're done here."

Leda looked blearily at the sleeping child, a stuffed replica of Robin clutched in her arms. "Yes, yes I suppose you're right." she smiled, allowing Ember to help her up.

"And you!" she said authoritatively, pointing with her cane at the closet. "I hear you breathing in there, out!" Nothing happened. "Out I said. You're the Valley of the Danan my lad, and we'll have none of your skulking about, scaring children here!" Still nothing.

"My dear if you'd be so kind..." she gestured to Ember. Before the dragon could do anything though, the closet door opened, and something rather horrific emerged.

"You won't be around forever Old One." it hissed. "And when you're gone-"

"Oho! Don't try that with me little...thing." She used to be able to come up with such wonderful insults. "Just be glad it was me who caught you and not my Great Great Granddaughter!" With a last bit of posturing, the monster dissipated for more hospitable climes.

"It is just Great Great isn't it dear?" Leda asked Ember.

"For at least another month."

Leda started down the hall, Ember close at hand. "Pfft. Barely two hundred that girl. Far too young to be having children."

"Says the girl who got married before she'd reached half a century."

"Well I don't recall any of you old wise-ones warning me otherwise!"

"Would you have listened?"

Leda chuckled. "No Polaris, I suppose we wouldn't have would we. Hell, might have only encouraged us eh?" Though Polaris had been the older of the two and presumably wiser.

"Ember." Ember reminded her. It was happening more and more these days, Leda letting her mind wander and forgetting where, and when she was. Since she rarely ventured far from the house it wasn't too much of a problem. Talk of her first marriage had no doubt set her to remembering her late wife and so had made the connection.

"Beg pardon darling?"

"It's Ember, not Polaris."

"Are you sure?"

It could sometimes be hard to tell when Leda was really out of it, and when she was kidding. Ember found that a bit of humor helped in either case. "I can tell by the hair." Ember's hair in her human form was a fiery red, while Polaris' had been as black as it came.

"Oh yes of course. Sorry. Now where were we?"

"On our way to get some food before bed, while ranting about the foolishness of the young."

"Ah yes. Mind you you would look good with dark hair." she teased her old friend as they went along.


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