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"Orient," Tick Tick said warningly, "What are you doing?"

She was still recovering her strength, but a walk from her place to his had felt like the thing to do. She was after all, keeping an eye on him for Momoko. Not that she was certain just what Momoko could do if Orient got into trouble again. Leda had assured her she could help, which was good enough for the Ticker.

She had arrived just in time to see Hawthorn, one of the higher ups in the Silver Suits exit the apartment. And she had seen the look on her friend's face. It was a look she recognized.

"You are not going after him." she said flatly.

"I just need to be sure." he said absently, heading for the stairs.

"Sure of what? Orient what's going on?" The Silver Suits had found the lab that was making the drug. They were on to one of their own that was working with the villains, but they still did not know ultimately who was behind it.

"It would take too long to explain. I have to leave now if I'm gonna-"

"I'm coming with you." she insisted, but at that moment her legs gave a complaint and she had to lean against the wall. Still not at 100 percent.

"No you need to rest." he said, getting on the motorcycle. Then he swore and got off. He checked to make sure nothing had been added to the vehicle. "See? I'm not falling for the old bomb on the bike trick."

"No you're running off after the bad guy alone." Tick Tick muttered as he took off.

She promised free repairs for a month to one of Orient's downstairs neighbors who owned a bike, and they took her to the border. It was closer than the World. There she made use of the alert system she and Leda had worked out. This close to the border, communication was very reliable. The scrying mirror got through to her friend, who then got in touch with Momoko.

[For Blossom!]
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Leander had been afraid Leda might do something foolish. Hopefully the fact that he was right would help offset any anger he may have that she'd done just that.

He had told her that the Elves of Bordertown were not her responsibility. She disagreed. She had been raised in Bordertown, those people were her people as much as, if not more than those of Faerie. And even more important, she had a duty to help her friends if she could. She had failed Triela. She would not fail Tick Tick. Not for lack of trying.

But she hadn't been completely stupid. She didn't waltz into Bordertown soaking up the germs. No she had gotten word to those responsible for sealing the Border, to get a message to Orient. Orient, as she could now see, had gotten the message. Here he was with a rather ill Tick Tick in the side car. She was wearing one of those masks you see doctors wear, and as best she could, was breathing away from Leda.

Leda had one too.

"You were right, the minute I got into the world Portalocity was able to pick us up." he said.

"Good. I'll take it from here." she said.

[Establishy, and now it's off to the clinic!]
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By the time Leda and Sai reached Bordertown (after a quick run via portalocity to some popular touristy things in the US), time in Fandom had caught up with them. Leda's plan was to spend a few days in her old stomping grounds before heading back to Faerie. She would freely admit she was kind of putting off having to return. Squeezing in as much freedom as she could before she had to get down to some serious attempts to reform Faerie's policies both abroad and domestic. Or as other people put it, governing.

She had sent out handwavey invites to her friends at Fandom, to join her this weekend. She hoped they could make it. This may be the last chance for quite a while.

[For anyone who thinks they would have gotten an invite to visit. Contact me if'n yer not sure.]


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