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By the time Leda and Sai reached Bordertown (after a quick run via portalocity to some popular touristy things in the US), time in Fandom had caught up with them. Leda's plan was to spend a few days in her old stomping grounds before heading back to Faerie. She would freely admit she was kind of putting off having to return. Squeezing in as much freedom as she could before she had to get down to some serious attempts to reform Faerie's policies both abroad and domestic. Or as other people put it, governing.

She had sent out handwavey invites to her friends at Fandom, to join her this weekend. She hoped they could make it. This may be the last chance for quite a while.

[For anyone who thinks they would have gotten an invite to visit. Contact me if'n yer not sure.]
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Today was a great day for exploring. Leda sadly, can not be there to chaperon you all day, as she has to deal with parents and things, but she'll be there most of the day.

[This post is mostly for Monday OCD, so here it comes is. This post is like the one before it, open to all, even if you couldn't ping into the first day's post.]


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