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There was a madness to their method. Leda and Sai, two girls on their own, backpacking across Europe, and currently lounging on a beach on some remote island in the Mediterranean. For some reason Sai kept humming Abba songs. Leda wished she'd stop. For some reason it was making her miss Anduin.

Their plan was to head north from Greece and see the Carpatian Mountains, then seek out the Black Forest, maybe head up into the Northlands before going down to Wales, over to Ireland, then to Scotland, and finally to England just in time for the wedding.

"You'd think I'd be used to it by now." Leda said absently.

"How's that?"

"The whole time travel thing. I mean, I spend a few months in Faerie, and only a week goes by in Fandom. Now I leave Fandom in May, and find out that on our Earth, it's still winter."

Sai shrugged. "Least we got good weather here."

"You think we should wait till summer to do much more sight seeing?"

"What after the royal wedding? After your face shows up on who knows how many tabloid and magazine covers? Maybe if you could do a glamour on yourself but we all know magic don't work out here in the world."

"There's gotta be other ways to disguise ourselves. All anyone's gonna see is the ears. It's not like Wolfboy's with us."

"I still think he should join us in Romania or Germany."

"Or sooner. Someone to carry all the souvenirs we're gonna be buying for people."

Leda had plans to find an antique gun for Triela, maybe some Swiss chocolates for Karla and German pastries for Momoko. Or possibly the other way around. They'd already gotten a few books for Micky and Goldie.

"What about your Fandom friends?" Sai asked.

"I left handwavey invites for them to join us at any of our points of call. Same with Strider, Wiseguy and Leander."

"God bless Portalocity." After a moment, Sai wondered;

"If you went back to Fandom now, would it be a few days after you graduated? Or would you suddenly be back in the past? Do Visitor's Weekend and...what'd you call it? Weetiny weekend? Over again?"

Leda glared at her. "That's an unfair question to ask someone who doesn't drink. Specially while you're enjoying your sangria."

"Does this mean I don't get to sign your yearbook?"

Leda kicked sand at her.

[Open for calls, texts, or even visitors via portalocity.]
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Leda was not hiding. Okay she totally was. Just what and who she was hiding from she didn't particularly know. Just, hiding in general. From the world she supposed.

Spending the weekend as Florida again had been an oddly enjoyable experience. Odd considering it was due to a cursed necklace. But she had liked spending time with Momoko and James and others while in her wee state. It reminded her of happy times with Wolfboy.

But then things had taken a drastic turn for the worse.

So, now she was hiding in her room, huddled on her bed, trying to ignore the ache in her shoulder, which was harder every time she tried to adjust the sling. Which she probably shouldn't be doing anyway.

She was trying to hide from the memories as well, hiding in memories of better times. Making pizza with Momoko, flirting with James and his sword, playing with Jello with Karla, or her reunion with her mother and Mooner.

She even tried thinking of fairly innocuous things like the first time she saw Kurt without his disguise. He'd been so cute, she kind of had a minor crush on him. Which made her think of meeting and flirting with some of the new kids.

But then she'd think of something like learning fencing from James, and the events of the day before would come crashing back down upon her.

[Door is closed, post is open.]
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The search for the Lost Heir of Faery had cost many their lives. And it had unutterably altered many others, not the least of which was that of the heir herself. For Crystaviel, it had consumed a large portion of her adult life. And it had finally come to an end on an island in the Mortal Realm. She had the child, and they could put all this behind them, and get on with the job of preparing the next Queen of the Elves for her future.

But the best laid plans of Mice and Elves often go awry. )

[This post is rated PG-13 due to violence. Actually open for anyone drawn by the sounds of battle, but mostly for James and Momoko, who by the way have my profound thanks for their help in pre-playing this all out. Also welcome are oocs. ETA: Warning, NPC character death.]
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Why would a bad guy choose the abandoned warehouse district as their hide out?

Tradition of course )

[Establishy only, but open for ooc.]
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There was an unusual creature hopping up the road towards the school. It looked like a rabbit, except it had antlers.

Sciblits the Jackalope was on a mission. His Elf Friend was in trouble, and he needed to find help.

[For Momoko and James please.]
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With James' help, Florida had discovered Ice Cream. Why no one had revealed this treasure to her before she wasn't sure. She was just glad they finally had.

She was still at a loss as to how she'd gotten here, but she was starting to feel safe here.

Naturally someone had to go and ruin it. )

[NFI, but ooc comments are always appreciated. Preplayed with the Fantastical heromaniac, and the Anatomically Anachronistic squire_hand.]
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The package had arrived the day before, but Leda had been in no mood to deal with anything from Faerie then. This morning after a cup of coffee she was in a much better mood, so she had opened the parcel.

Inside she found a medallion emblazoned with a symbol that she had come to recognize in recent months. Her family crest. It was accompanied by a note.

Leda, we found this among your mother's things. Thought you might like it.

She studied the thing for a few moments. She wasn't really one for fancy jewelry (unless punk/goth style counted), but this had belonged to her mother. Maybe she owed it to her to at least try it on.

The moment she did, Leda was gone. There was no flash of light, no "transformation", but in Leda's place was a small elf girl, barely five years old wearing an over sized t-shirt with the word FLORIDA printed on the front.

A very confused and frightened elf girl.

[Establishy, but open to the room mate if he so chooses. Leda plot has begun, it will end on the 13th.]
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Florida rarely slept late. Especially without the comforting feel of Tope and Vado sleeping by her feet. Shame she couldn't have brought the cats with her.

So she rose, dressed in a t-shirt that was too big for her, shorts and sandals, and cautiously poked her head out the door. Her pointed ears stuck out through the dandelion fluff of white hair.



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