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There was a madness to their method. Leda and Sai, two girls on their own, backpacking across Europe, and currently lounging on a beach on some remote island in the Mediterranean. For some reason Sai kept humming Abba songs. Leda wished she'd stop. For some reason it was making her miss Anduin.

Their plan was to head north from Greece and see the Carpatian Mountains, then seek out the Black Forest, maybe head up into the Northlands before going down to Wales, over to Ireland, then to Scotland, and finally to England just in time for the wedding.

"You'd think I'd be used to it by now." Leda said absently.

"How's that?"

"The whole time travel thing. I mean, I spend a few months in Faerie, and only a week goes by in Fandom. Now I leave Fandom in May, and find out that on our Earth, it's still winter."

Sai shrugged. "Least we got good weather here."

"You think we should wait till summer to do much more sight seeing?"

"What after the royal wedding? After your face shows up on who knows how many tabloid and magazine covers? Maybe if you could do a glamour on yourself but we all know magic don't work out here in the world."

"There's gotta be other ways to disguise ourselves. All anyone's gonna see is the ears. It's not like Wolfboy's with us."

"I still think he should join us in Romania or Germany."

"Or sooner. Someone to carry all the souvenirs we're gonna be buying for people."

Leda had plans to find an antique gun for Triela, maybe some Swiss chocolates for Karla and German pastries for Momoko. Or possibly the other way around. They'd already gotten a few books for Micky and Goldie.

"What about your Fandom friends?" Sai asked.

"I left handwavey invites for them to join us at any of our points of call. Same with Strider, Wiseguy and Leander."

"God bless Portalocity." After a moment, Sai wondered;

"If you went back to Fandom now, would it be a few days after you graduated? Or would you suddenly be back in the past? Do Visitor's Weekend and...what'd you call it? Weetiny weekend? Over again?"

Leda glared at her. "That's an unfair question to ask someone who doesn't drink. Specially while you're enjoying your sangria."

"Does this mean I don't get to sign your yearbook?"

Leda kicked sand at her.

[Open for calls, texts, or even visitors via portalocity.]
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Saturday Bordertown Time

While Leda was sleeping Wild Elves had come upon her and Wolfboy's camp. )

[*Right? They turn him from half-dog to human so he can be their pet? That's ironic right? ETA: Dialogue taken almost entirely from canon.]
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The mental blocks were falling, long buried memories exposed to the light for the first time in years.

Cut for attempted forced drug use, and time travel. )
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Cut for contemplations of suicide. )

The fever was burning away all the blocks Leda had built up in her memory... )

[Flashback post number 1. These posts will go backward in time and put an end to the current Leda storyline. My apologies to any and all who were offended by it. Dialogue in this post taken from canon.]
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Flashback )

A curious change happened then. As if it had always been this way, Wiseguy was now Karla. Sai had become Annja. And Just Ron? Well it was hard to say. Did he have an eyepatch? Or was he someone else?

And when had Leda's twin shown up? She had blood smeared all over her neck, and her dead eyes stared accusingly at her.

Leda woke with a start, in a cold sweat, and shaking. She'd heard of an American author claiming that it was easy to quit smoking. He'd done it a hundred times. She'd quit drinking Peca several times. This time she thought it might take because all she had to do now, was not ask for a resupply from Crystaviel. She'd drunk the last after returning from that other world.

But Crystaviel was a considerate friend. She'd sent some along with the latest 'care package'. Now Leda stared at the bottle. Just a sip? Just to take the edge off. The cramps hadn't started yet but she knew they would.

All too soon she knew as well, that her mind would start to...what? Hallucinate? Slip away? Remember? A little Peca kept her sane. More made her drunk and happy. And if she drank herself to sleep, she slept deep, and dreamless.

The bottle stood on her nightstand. Just in case.

[Establishy but open for SP for Roomie, or even visitors. Dialogue in flashback is taken from canon.]


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