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Though there was some debate, the predominant theory was that Faerie had always been a separate realm, tethered to Earth at several points. One by one Faerie slipped those tethers and the gateways between worlds vanished. (though there were some who claimed that not all of those portals did so)

When Faerie was re-connected to Earth, it did so more strongly than ever before, or at least since the days of myth. But only at one point. On the Earth that Sila was familiar with, that point was in the Northwest of the United States. The city of Portland Oregon became known as Bordertown. As magic seeped into the area and Fae crossed the border, roughly half of the "native" human population fled.

But here, on this Earth Faerie re-connected in the Pacific Ocean, and many of the islands became known as The Border Islands.

The mass exodus of humans had been much smaller, due partly to the difficulties of evacuating large groups of people. Another difference was that while Elves did come across the border, they were the minority compared to the Mer-Folk and Menehune, who were indigenous to the islands of the Faerie Sea realms.
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