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Leda had had another fit of trembling as her body shrieked for more Peca, but it had passed before she felt she needed to call for help. But no sooner had that happened, then a Gremlin who'd been hiding under her bed leaped out and sunk it's teeth into her ankle.

A dark night in a city that knows how to keep it's secrets. But on the 5th floor of the Fandom Building, one woman is still trying to find the answers to life's persistent questions. Gail Noir, Private Eye )

[Open! Leda has become a female version of Prairie Home Companion's Guy Noir! SP probably because my computer is slow and there's lots to do. But come play anyway!]
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Leda was on her way to the rec room to putz around for awhile, try to take her mind off her troubles. She never made it.

Though she'd been planning to leap for the couch if she felt sleepy, she never new what hit her, and she passed out on the floor.

At least she didn't hit her head this time.

[Open for anyone who wants to take her to Town Hall. If no takers, then Robin will manage. He's very resourceful:P]


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