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The mood at the Ancestral estate for House Danan was not nearly as reserved as that at the palace in Alfheim. In point of fact it was a near madhouse, with children running every whichway and unruly music played by a live band.

A live band that consisted of a half Mer violinist, and a frog playing banjo. Sila was overjoyed to finally get this chance. Since she'd first been inspired to learn to play violin at Robin's birthday party (two decades in her past), she'd dreamed of getting to play with him.

They were playing a mix of Christmas themed songs and bluegrass covers of popular human ditties.

Leda was reminded of a line from a Human historical drama: "So you wanna go to a real party?"
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Holy shit you guys! I've found Pre-Border-Bordertown! Come help me explore! Or I'll just send you guys lots of pictures.
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"Woah, wait. What the hell?"

This was not Bordertown. Leda had been trying to get to Bordertown. She'd needed some time away from Faerie and the complications of life in Alfheim. Partly it was the usual bullshit nobles trying to protect their High Born Privilage. Despite all the progress that had been made there were still apalling issues that cropped up from time to time.

But it was also the recent revelation that once upon a time Leander, one of her best friends, and if you wanted to get official about it, her Lord High Chamberlain, had been approached by Corwyn. Corwyn had tried to appeal to Leander as a fellow Monarchist. He had attempted to sway the man into betraying her.

Fortunately for all (except Corwyn), Leander's loyalty to her and compassion for the people had won out over his long held political beliefs. Still, the knowledge disturbed Leda and she'd needed to relax somewhere not there.

So, Bordertown. But, again, this was not Bordertown. Except, it was. She recognized where she was, in relation to the city she knew. But it was clean, all the buildings were in good repair, and there was no hint that Faery had encroached upon the world at all.

And everyone was staring at her.

"Holy shit I've found pre-Border, Bordertown!"

She sent off a quick text to Momo, Karla and James about her discovery, and inviting them to join her. Then she set off to explore.

[For them what's mentioned.]
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After her conversation with Billy yesterday, Leda had a hard time deciding what to do. Finally, she had determined that she did not have to choose. She had spent all night and most of today recording what she knew of Faerie and Bordertown so there would be something left behind if nothing else remained.

Now she stood at the end of the causeway, steeling herself.

[This will be Leda's final post till all this is over. If anyone wants to have a dramatic tearful farewell, this is the place to do it :D]


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