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2020-04-29 10:43 pm

Voicemail and OOC contact

Hey what's up pups?  You've reached the voicemail of Leda.  Leave a message at the beep peeps, and I'll hit you back.
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2017-05-14 08:25 pm

Youtube link sent to Momoko and Karla

A video taken from a smartphone showed a commotion in progress on a boardwalk. An amused voice said; "Ladies and Gentlemen, we're in Key West, and what appears to be a pirate ship..."

Sure enough, a large, well maintained, but weather weathered sailing ship was pulling into the harbor.

Sila sat perched on the figurehead's shoulders, playing her violin.

Leda's cousin Elora stepped into view and looked into the camera. "Leda, I think your kid's back from whereever she got to. Hell of an entrance too."
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2017-05-12 10:56 pm
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Key West, Florida

Ron and his mother really had only the barest notions of where their human ancestry hailed from. For this reason, Ron's journey of self discovery was rather general. Her parents were American, that was all she knew. Where they had come from before then, she'd never really cared.

"If I had to guess," she'd told him, "Not America." She also hadn't known anything about Earth geography.

In his time out here he had met several people with varying complexions that led him to believe that perhaps his human family hailed from India, or one of the African Nations. Or the Caribbean.

"Jesus was a pirate, who sailed the seven seas, Jesus was a pirate..."

In the meantime he'd secured a spot on the boardwalk for the nightly festival and was quite enjoying regaling people with both obscure (or not so obscure) human music, and famous Elven songs.

"He didn't rob or pillage, he didn't rape or steal, his ways were never violent. Instead he performed miracles, the blind and sick were healed, Jesus was a pirate."

The sunsets down here were beautiful, and he liked how they framed him when he performed.

"Woah!" the crowd gasped as there was a green flash on the horizon, just as the sun sank beneath it.

Ron started. He had not done that. The hell?

He honestly wasn't sure whether he heard the music or saw the pirate ship first.

"Oh no way!"
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2017-04-04 07:44 pm

Somewhere in Faerie

By the laws of his land, he had not committed a crime. Nor had he done wrong, by the social mores of his people. He had caught her as was traditional, when she changed form. He spied her out, took her coat from where she had hidden it, and made her his bride.

There is magic in having a Selkie in your power. By controlling her, he was able to control the fish, and thus became prosperous. But he was careful never to let her be seen by prying seaborn eyes.

He had believed her properly broken, but he knew the tales (how else would he have known how to capture her to begin with?) And the tales said she would never stop seeking her coat. So he kept it well hidden. Or so he thought. Three children later she proved him wrong.

Still, she did not know that he had paid to have a geas placed upon them. And when at least she had discovered where the coat was hidden, and attempted to leave with the children, they had held her, weeping, while he snatched the coat back.

Declaring that he should have done so at the outset, he tore the coat in two. And his Selkie bride fell dead at his feet. That consequence, he had not known about.

All this he defiantly confessed to Mab. The children had not known, or at least understood all this. They had known only their father's cruelty.

Though he could not bring consequences against someone outside his country for sheltering his children, nor could Leda have punished a foreign visitor for crimes committed elsewhere.

Mab could though.

But upon hearing a full account of his misdeeds, she decided it wasn't really her place.

"I believe your in-laws would like a word with you."
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2017-04-02 09:12 pm

The Danan Estate, Faerie

Initially, when Leda had set up her family estate as an orphanage, it had been to house children who's parents had been killed during Corwyn's bid for the throne. Since then it had become not only a home for orphaned children, but a shelter for those who needed asylum.

Everyone knew that here, as well as the palace in Alfheim were safe havens for anyone fleeing abuse or slavery. One of the challenges that presented of course, was that the fame meant, those they were fleeing knew where to look.

Three children had arrived a month earlier, hungry, beaten, and terrified. Leda had of course granted them the asylum they sought. Today their father had come to claim them, counting on his influence as their father, or failing that, his spells of control, to compel them to return with him to the life of slavery he intended.

“I'm sorry, not really.” Leda said, managing to suppress a smirk. “That was melodramatic of me. I should have told you that these lands are warded against geas. You have no more power to bend them to your will.

“Look I neither know, nor care what traditions you have back home. But as far as I'm concerned the minute those kids left your domain, they left your jurisdiction. And here, children are not property.”

“They are-”

“Under. My. Protection. And you sir, are not welcome here. Now, I don't like getting heavy handed but you've managed to push quite a few of my buttons. If you and your men are still within the bounds of the Elflands in two days time, I will consider you an invading force.” She'd had people on the lookout for him the minute the children arrived, so she knew how long it would take him to get out.

Honestly the look of impotent outrage on the foreign lord's face was enough to ease a lot of Leda's own rage.

“You-” he tried for one last outburst in a strangled tone, but Leda stopped him short by stepping up to him till they were nose to nose.

“Give me the slightest excuse. I know what you did to the boy, and the girl. And the hamster.”


She couldn't help it. She'd been getting too intense she thought, so she'd dispelled more of her anger by being ridiculous.

“That's enough of this. Get out, don't look back. Tell whatever story you have to back home to save face, but we're done here. And don't even try the 'you're making a grave mistake' bit. I know enough about your country to know that you're not nearly powerful enough to make me 'live to regret this'.”
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2017-03-01 05:34 pm

Meanwhile, on another Earth

Ellen and Leda were having a lovely conversation about her new album and voicing a character in Disney's recent live action version of one of their older animated films, when a guy in a shark outfit burst out of the small table beside their chairs.

Leda shrieked something incredibly offensive (in Elvish fortunately) and sprang back so suddenly that her chair, and she both went tumbling.

Ellen's smile froze. That was by far the strongest reaction they'd ever gotten there, and she feared they'd gone too far.

"Oh God, are you okay?!" she asked.

On her back, legs up on the overturned chair, Leda threw up her arms dramatically.

"Behold the gracefulness of the Elves!"

The audience burst out laughing and Ellen Helped Leda up. Then they both helped the poor guy in the shark outfit up, because Leda's reaction had caused him to jump back and fall over as well.

"Leda's new cd, 'How Dare I' comes is out in stores and for download now, and it's coming on vinyl this weekend, 'Into the Jungle' opens Friday."

"Are you're okay?" Ellen could be seen asking as they went to commercial.

[I'm playing with alternate dimensions, and I'm having them start to bleed into each other, so open for anyone who wants to have seen this.]
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2017-01-26 04:50 pm

The Border Islands, Thursday Evening

In many ways Sila knew, her life so far had been pretty damn good. She had two wonderful mothers, one of whom was the Queen. So she'd wanted for nothing. She had a best friend, nay, a brother, and doting (if occasionally stern and over protective) aunts and uncles. She got to do what she loved.

But she'd never known her father. She'd suffered through her mothers' divorce, and had to nurse one of them through a period of self destructive behavior. She'd been the target of (occasionally veiled) racism all her life for being a Halfie. Even the Mer called her 'Dirt-Born' behind her back.

And now, watching this other version of Leda showing such joy and love for the sea, she was reminded of her most secret pain. The one she kept hidden even from Ron, and usually from herself. She was half of the ocean, and her mom was utterly horrified of the sea, and many of the creatures that lived in it.

Leda loved her, she knew. But Sila was always afraid that Leda might be afraid of her as well.

"Okay self," she muttered. "Brooding ain't gonna get these letters written."
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2017-01-05 06:44 pm

Meanwhile, in another Faerie...

"You said you'd send me home." Leda pouted, doing her best to look adorable and pathetic.

Lady Alton arched one of her eyebrows. "I said I'd try when I was done with you. What's the matter Dear Me? Aren't you having fun?"

Leda's pout slid into a wicked, sadistic grin, her face morphing into the demonic visage that was her true form. Lady Alton didn't think she'd ever get used to seeing this horrific mirror image of herself.

"Oh I am." her doppleganger said. "Eating dear old Corwyn was the best birthday present ever." And how odd was it that she'd still wanted vengeance for her parents? "And don't get me wrong Lady Me, you've a lovely, terrifying home. Especially the Forest of Bones. And Bloody Mary is a wonderful playmate." She sighed. "But I'm homesick. And I miss my sire." Dear Eleanor, what was she up to right now? Better not be seducing a new child.

Lady Alton could pretend sympathy with the best of them, but she couldn't help actually feel a bit for this one. They were after all, alternate versions of the same person.

"The barriers between worlds are still weak." she said comfortingly. "It won't be long now before I have what I need, and you can be on your merry way, reunited with your true love."

"You know you've never actually told me what it is you're looking for." Leda said.

"No. No I haven't."

"You're lucky I think it'd be too weird to drink my own blood."

"And you're lucky I've a soft spot for myself. Now, are you ready for some more fun?"
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2016-12-24 10:50 am

Alfheim, Faerie

Leda didn't think she'd been this stressed since the war with House Alton. Between the Brexit vote in England and the recent election in the US, the council had begun debating whether or not they ought to close the borders after all. And then some were suggesting that the US might need their help.

"Help?" Leda had asked skeptically. "Just what kind of help are you talking about?" She silently prayed this faction weren't actually talking about direct intervention. That way led to Empire building.

"The people of these two countries, some groups in particular may be in danger now." a spokesman had said. "I...okay I don't really know what we can do exactly, other than try to make sure they know how to get to Bordertown. Your nephew is still in the Earth-realm is he not?"

Good grief.

Leda leaned back in her chair, rubbing her temples. Then she glanced at the calendar.

"What the Trump?! How is it Christmas Eve already?!"
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2016-12-06 09:11 pm

The Border Islands

Sila had held it together rather well, all things considered. Jack on the other hand...

"Jack!" Silaro smiled. "Fancy meeting you-urk!"

Jack grabbed his old friend in a manly glomp, eyes bright with old tears.

"Uhm, yes." the Merman said awkwardly. "Hello."

"So," Leda guessed, "You know each other."

"No," Sila joked. "He's like this with everyone."


For the past few days, Sila and Jack had been staying with Leda (who in this world was called Falas, Elvish for beach) and her family in their home. Which before the return of Faerie had been a Ripley's Believe it or Not museum.

Little Sila had been told that Big Sila was just another half-Mer/half-Elf named Sila, which she seemed to buy. It wasn't that much of a stretch actually. Adventurous her father might be, but he wasn't hugely imaginative. As it turned out, Sila was a very common name among the Mer Folk. Sila had met five just in the royal household.

Though she'd been reluctant to do so, Sila had eventually told them a bit about her world and her life. Silaro took the news that in her world it had been he, not Polaris who had died rather well, but Falas had needed some time alone after the tale.


Sila was standing on a balcony overlooking the street, watching the rain, when Falas returned.

"It's Grace and Silaro's turn to ship out next." she said idly. She offered Sila a bottle of something blue, which she suspected was some kind of rum. The trio rotated whenever a voyage was to be undertaken. That way everyone got a turn staying with the kid, and everyone got a turn out on the ocean. It was an arrangement that worked for them.

"When the conflict between my parents house and house Alton reached it's crisis point, we fled here. I guess because of the distance and the assistance we got from the Mer, it took a lot longer for Corwyn's assassins to catch up to us. Than it did in your world.

"By the time they showed up, we'd all but disappeared into the population. His plans to wipe out his enemies were stymied and eventually exposed. He was forced to put up or shut up.

"He seceded his lands from the rest of the Elven Kingdom. There's a truce on at the moment, but it was enough for my parents to decide to go home. But I didn't want to go. I grew up here. They named me Florida when we moved here, but I could never pronounce it right so, Leda.

"They let me stay with an older cousin to look after me, and then when I was 14 or so I went to Fandom. Had a lot of adventures there, and burned a lot of bridges. So when I graduated I thought it might be best to leave the Leda identity behind. Falas might not be the most imaginative name, but..." She shrugged. "Not a lot of Elves here so it sounds exotic."
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2016-12-05 09:27 pm

Asheville, North Carolina

"I'd like to recite a poem, I think it's a poem," Ron said, to chuckles from the crowd, "That my aunt wrote. She doesn't know I have it. Don't tell her."

He cleared his throat, and began;

"Occasionally, I am clever.

Every now and then, I'm funny.

Sometimes, I am intelligent, or at the very least, am able to string a few words together in a way that I feel it correctly gets across the point I'm trying to make that seems smart in my head.

I am always, creative. Rarely, I am able to summon the energy, inspiration, and attention span to act on that creativity. Once in a blue moon I look back on such efforts and am still pleased by it.

I am never sure of myself. Not for long anyway. Not about my abilities, not about my choices, my philosophy, my path in life, or my worth.

If I am ever proud I'm usually ashamed of it.

Quite often I'll begin something I like and then realize by the end that I've lost the thread of what I was attempting. Like now.

So...the end. I guess."
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2016-11-30 11:34 pm

The Border Islands

Sila had no memory of her father. He had died when she was a baby. Died, in fact, saving her life, as her mother Polaris never seemed to tire of telling her. Her favorite time to do so was after some adventeurous stunt of Sila's.

"Is this why Silaro saved your life? So you could throw it away?"

This was usually followed by a crushing hug and Polaris trying not to cry, which was far worse than any scolding.

When she had finally gone to visit her Uncle's undersea kingdom, she'd been introduced to Jack Calloway, her father's boyhood best friend. He'd insisted on calling her Cousin, the Selkie term for non-blood family. It was he who had first shown her pictures of her father. (any her mother had had, had been destroyed in the fire) This was why she was able to recognize the man who greeted them at the pier.

And of course she'd seen enough pictures of herself as a child to know that the toddler in his arms was indeed, wee-tiny Sila.

"Mommy 1!" the little girl shrieked delightedly. "Mommy 2!"

By the time her Leda had become a second mother to her, Sila was in her pre-teens. So while she called Polaris "mother", Leda was "Mom". She rather liked "Mommy 1 and Mommy 2" though.

What was also interesting was that little Sila launched herself at Grace first.
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2016-11-29 03:52 pm

The Border Islands

Though there was some debate, the predominant theory was that Faerie had always been a separate realm, tethered to Earth at several points. One by one Faerie slipped those tethers and the gateways between worlds vanished. (though there were some who claimed that not all of those portals did so)

When Faerie was re-connected to Earth, it did so more strongly than ever before, or at least since the days of myth. But only at one point. On the Earth that Sila was familiar with, that point was in the Northwest of the United States. The city of Portland Oregon became known as Bordertown. As magic seeped into the area and Fae crossed the border, roughly half of the "native" human population fled.

But here, on this Earth Faerie re-connected in the Pacific Ocean, and many of the islands became known as The Border Islands.

The mass exodus of humans had been much smaller, due partly to the difficulties of evacuating large groups of people. Another difference was that while Elves did come across the border, they were the minority compared to the Mer-Folk and Menehune, who were indigenous to the islands of the Faerie Sea realms.
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2016-11-29 03:38 pm

Aboard the Danan

Sila guessed that very few, if any captain's cabins were decorated quite like this one. Among the expected maps, charts and sailing memorabilia were band posters and carefully maintained statuettes. And was that a photo of Leda with Jimmy Buffet?

"Okay," Leda said, taking a deep breath, "I'm re-thinking my Possible Future Kid Weekend theory. 'Cause you don't seem to recognize Grace."

"Could be a subtle variation." Grace suggested. "Alternate Dimension Future Kid Weekend."

"Oh this is breaking my brain." Sila groaned. Time differences between realms were one thing. Hearing tales of Fandom whimsy were one thing. But to actually experience it?

"Wait'll you meet wee-tiny you." Grace muttered.

Pretending she didn't hear that, Sila tried to collect her thoughts. "But you did go to Fandom High, and you do have an adopted daughter named Sila?"

"Yes." Grace said pointedly. "Both of us do." She turned to Jack. "Speaking of which, sort of, who are you, and who are you to her?"

Jack Calloway and I'm her cousin. Just her cousin."

Sila tried to wrap her mind around that. One of the reasons that her mothers had split up had been the conflict between Polaris' monogamous nature, and Leda's leanings towards polyamory. She decided not to think about the implications here. Instead she asked;

"Don't Fandom Kid Weekends start with a colorful swirly portal? Not a big ominous storm?"

"Spot on." Leda and Grace both said simultaneously.

From up on deck came a voice calling "We're here!"

Leda glanced up towards the deck and sighed. "But it looks like that's going to have to wait. You and your dad never miss greeting us when we pull into port."

She led the way out of the cabin, but turned back when she realized that Sila hadn't moved.

"Hey, you okay?"

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2016-11-27 10:54 pm

Aboard the Danan

"Mom?" The red-haired human (as far as Sila could tell, and what was a human doing in Faerie?) helped Jack haul himself over the railing, then looked at Leda(?). "Something you need to explain there, oh Captain my Captain?"

Leda(?) pulled Sila to her feet, frowning. "Sorry tune-slinger, you've got me mistaken for someone else."

Sila tried very hard to pull herself together. The unnatural storm sweeping her and Jack up, and then finding herself rescued by a woman who looked just like her adopted mother combined to create a very confused Elfling.

But her mother was utterly terrified of the sea, and besides which, this woman's accent was subtly different, and there was something else about the way she spoke and carried herself...

"Uh, yeah huh I guess I...I have. Is your name Leda?"

The stopped the Captain cold. Her face composed itself into the deadpan look that Sila did recognize. "One of them is." she said eyeing the slightly younger woman.

Jack leaned toward the red-head. "What's going on?" he whispered.

"No idea." she confided back. "And I don't like not knowing."

"Who are you?" Leda demanded.

Sila straightened up and did her best to look composed. She never did composed very well. "My name is Sila Danan. Adopted Daughter of-ack!"

Leda had grabbed her by the front of her shirt and yanked her forward. "What the hell, Nell?" she growled, inspecting the girl closely. But apparently what she saw agreed with her.

Still off to the side, Jack's new confidant let out an appalled sound. "What?"

Leda's astonished grin warred with lingering disbelief.

"Holy shit it is you! Are you from the future?! Is it that weekend?"

"What?!" Grace demanded again, louder.

"What?" Sila asked weakly, completely bewildered all over again.

"What? No seriously, what?" Jack asked, casting a helpless look around at the entire crew who were watching with equal confusion.

"Fandom thing!" Captain Leda of the Border Islands announced. "Less thinking more drinking!"


"After you've done your work!" Grace reminded them.


To be continued...
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2016-11-27 05:43 pm

Meanwhile, Somewhere Beyond the Sea...

"I don't know about this, Cousin." Jack frowned. The clouds, dark and foreboding loomed closer. "Maybe we should start with-"

"Something smaller?" Sila guessed. She cocked an eyebrow at the Selkie beside her. Then she looked back at the approaching storm, readying her fiddle. The two stood side by side on a small rocky atoll.

There was an old saying among bi-pedal aquatic fae: You must first learn to swim, before you can walk. But that wasn't what concerned Jack. "Actually I was going to say natural."

"You say what?"

"There's something off about this storm. Can't you tell?"

"Is this more of the old 'you have the instincts of a land-lubber' song?"

"That and your powers of observation. If you're going to learn to affect the weather, you have to remember how it works. Which way is the wind blowing?"

Sila pointed with her bow, and her eyes widened. The storm was clearly moving against the wind.



"So...we should leave?"

"I was so hoping you'd say that. Your sense of adventure is far too infectious."

But the moment they turned their backs to the storm, the wind gusted stronger than ever, as if deliberately pushing them towards the ominous front.

"Oh Gods dammit. I blame you for this." he growled.


"I blame you for this!" Grace shouted over the howling wind.

Her beloved Captain grinned fiercely, gripping the helm tightly. "Oh look! What a lovely morning you said! We'll be home in no time!"

"Well you're the one who listened to me!"

"Shouting of which, do you hear music?"


Sila and Jack were swept up into the tempest, tumbling helplessly. Desperately, Sila began to play her fiddle. No time like the present to practice weather magic. Though they were still borne along wherever the wind cared to take them, she was at least able to stabilize them and keep her cousin beside her.

And then a shape loomed out of the darkness before them, cresting a wave and something caught her elbow, jerking her bow across the strings with an evil hiss.

Her spell disrupted, she and Jack plummeted towards the water, but a figure swung towards the pair, catching Sila around the waist. Jack saved himself by grabbing hold of the same netting that had snagged Sila.

Sila was dropped as gently as was possible given the circumstances to what turned out to be the deck of a ship. The storm abating, she looked up at the face of her rescuer, and gaped.


to be continued...
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2016-11-16 10:08 pm

Danan Homestead, Faerie

"You know what's weird?" Leda mused aloud. She and Tristan were lounging on the porch watching the sun-set.

"Your hair in the morning?"

His delivery with jibes was so dry and nonchalant that if often took Leda a moment realize them. She glowered and snickered at the same time.

"What's weird?" he prompted.

"I used to be terrified of areas like this." she gestured with her mug of cocoa (with a bit of coffee added) "I was a total city girl."

"The fact that the Never Never was your example of rural areas probably didn't help."

"No, no it didn't. I'm not sure when I stopped being afraid of it. The woods. I dunno maybe the ol' ancestral manse has something to do with it."

"I'm claustrophobic." he admitted.

"You are not!" Leda gasped.

"It took my family decades to figure out why I was scared all the time."

"I'm afraid of large bodies of open water and my adopted daughter's half Mer, and you're half dwarf who can't go home because of a fear of enclosed spaces." Leda shook her head, grinning. "We need a sit-com."
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2016-11-12 05:31 pm

Meanwhile, in Faerie

Leda had witnessed the horrors of racially charged violence. But her best friends, Wiseguy and Sai had experienced it. As halfies, they had been targeted by both elves and humans.

So when America...did what it did, she knew that what she was feeling was only a fraction of their distress. Not for themselves of course. Faerie was safely out of harm's way. But elves had been among those named in the vitriol of the new President's campaign, and there were enough still in the US to warrant concern.

Leander had convinced her not to fly off the handle, and issued a reserved, dignified press release inviting all ex-pats to return.

Then he and hiw wife sent a message to Ron;