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"It's probably just as well that I don't recall many details." Leda sighed, as her younger self helped her onto the couch. "Those Science Fiction writers must have thought they were so clever when they started with all their time-travel stories and the 'one must never know too much about their destiny' trope. But let's face it, that theme's been going around since prophecy was invented."

"Yeah it never works out well does it." Young Leda agreed, sitting down beside her older self.

"That being said, let's look at family photos that haven't been taken yet."

There was still no indication either how Leda's older version had found herself transported back in time, nor how long her trip would last. Both Ledas reckoned it could be a Fandom thing, but hadn't been able to get hold of anyone to check.

After the initial confusion, Old Leda thinking Young Leda was her daughter Sila, Young Leda having no clue who Old Leda was, they were having a very nice visit.

The photo album had come with Granny Leda, as she had been holding it, and so she was able to show off to her younger self. She opened to a random page, and a big group shot was revealed. "Ah, my first graduating class. These two here, were twins. Their mother kept the boy locked in an attic for most of his life up till then poor dear..."
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The mood at the Ancestral estate for House Danan was not nearly as reserved as that at the palace in Alfheim. In point of fact it was a near madhouse, with children running every whichway and unruly music played by a live band.

A live band that consisted of a half Mer violinist, and a frog playing banjo. Sila was overjoyed to finally get this chance. Since she'd first been inspired to learn to play violin at Robin's birthday party (two decades in her past), she'd dreamed of getting to play with him.

They were playing a mix of Christmas themed songs and bluegrass covers of popular human ditties.

Leda was reminded of a line from a Human historical drama: "So you wanna go to a real party?"
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There were more nobles and dignitaries gathered together here since the end of the war. Lord Dagos of the Merfolk, King Thane of the Dwarves, the Matriarch of the Dragons were in attendance along with their immediate families. All the nobles of the lands of Faerie, even some from Unseelie Lands were there as well.

And then there were those Leda was meeting for the first time. The Dryads, Pixies, Kitsune, Nunnehi and Menehune had all sent representatives. And countless others.

Though naturally no Diplomats from the Human realms could be present, the Elven ambassadors to their countries had sent greetings and gifts from them.

"Furachoque of Iguaque!" the herald announced another arrival. A woman in rather elaborate golden attire entered. Her people inhabited a tropical land rich in metallic ore. They traded regularly with the Dwarves, though they were best terms with the Nunnehi and had ancient ties with the Merfolk. Their capital had become known as El Dorado out in the world. She resembled the Elves save for one difference, her feet faced backwards.

[For those invited. The herald is moddable on hand to announce you as you wish.]
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Holy shit you guys! I've found Pre-Border-Bordertown! Come help me explore! Or I'll just send you guys lots of pictures.
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The revolution had been somewhat of an inside joke. After all, the Queen was the one who had spearheaded the movement, though only a very few knew that. What was public knowledge was that the former ruler had stepped down without much of an argument, only a long discussion as to what was to happen when she had done so.

Many said that was why she was remembered with a statue, rather than a blood stain on a wall. Others said that was silly because even those leading the Rebellion had always said she was a decent enough leader. In any case, Leda had said that she was being set free as much as the people were. And so far, things in Faerie were going well.

At the Border School it was a similar, though different story.

More than a decade ago it had been discovered that the Border between Faerie and Earth in fact intersected with many other worlds. Bordertown had become even more strange, and at the same time, more "cosmopolitan". Leda had retired there after abdicating and eventually squatted a particularly odd building on the outskirts of the city. It had been a tourist attraction before the return, and now it housed a number of young refugees.

Leda wished she'd been able to come up with a better name than the Border School. But the kids seemed to like it.

And though she found life as the "Headmistress" of a school much like Fandom incredibly wonderful, it was nice to get a break every now and then.

[Come join Adult Leda on the swings! Reminisce about past times or hear strange tales of the "present"!]
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Dear Aunt Momo,

Mom told me about how sometimes in Fandom, people burst into song as if the entire island were in a musical or something. Either that place is leaking, or Ron and I did something. We practiced Bardic magic not too long ago, and about two days later the entire city did the musical thing.

There's nothing like seeing a skirmish between Truebloods and the Pack turn into a dance/rap battle.

Sila and Ron
Surf and Turf
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I'm in the World. Not sure but I think it's Baltimore. I've got a motorcycle, cell phone, credit card, knife and gun. Adventure.
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"I got him, Mom, Dad." Leda said softly. "It's over."

She stood before the monument to monarchs past. It was a simple obelisk, but those who touched it would be able to see the faces of those commemorated here. Leda had stopped here to let her parents know that the man who had ordered their deaths was gone.

She stood there for a moment, just refreshing her memory of their faces, then went to join the others.

Word had come late last night that the Dragons had driven back the Giants with minimal loss of life. But for the Matriarch and her daughter, it was a Pyrrhic victory at best. Ember and Smoke were children really, in the way Dragons measured age.

Dragon mourning practices were very private and not for the eyes of other races. But because of his friendship with Leda and the others, they were having a memorial for Smoke here as well.

Polaris clutched Leda's hand as she approached the crowd.
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War's End Chapter 9 )

[And this concludes an extremely long running plot that started in canon, and became completely fanon. Thanks to Karla, James and Blossom.]
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Through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered Leda and her friends had fought their way through the castle, avoiding what trouble they could, dealing with any they could not as quietly as possible.

And now, here they were. The doors to Corwyn's map room stood closed before them, two guards dead at Leda's feet.

Eli ran up to her from where he'd been dealing with a third. "He's in there." he said. "I can smell him." He gestured to the dead guards. "And if he knew we were here there'd have been more of these."

Leda's teeth were gritted, and her right fist was glowing. "Then it's time to end this. I think I'll be polite though. And knock first."

She brought her glowing hand down upon the doors, blowing them off their hinges with a tremendous explosion that sent shards of metal and wood showering down upon, and into the occupants of the room.


War's End Chapter 8 )

[Preplayed with the Scrumtrulescent Three.]
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War's End Chapter 7

Leda )

James )

Blossom )

Karla )

Together Again )

[Preplayed with the usual suspects.]
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Leda had been going over in her head what to say. Almost going far enough to take notes. "I need Corwyn's army to hear me too." Leda told Iranon. "Can you do that?"

"So you want to inspire our side, and demoralize theirs?"

"And maybe foment rebellion, if what I have to say makes sense to them."

Iranon raised a brow. "Yes. We can do that."

War's End Chapter 5 )

[The Obligatory speech. Once again thanks to Karla for the coding, preplayed with the absolutely fabulous Karla and Blossom.]
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Iranon had, almost the moment the enemy forces had shown up, sent one or two of his friends to infiltrate the camp followers, and if they could, without getting themselves killed, some of the rank and file.

One of those was just as glad all the nobles were dead, and likely would not actually have been broken up if the queen had not escaped. He and Leda had never gotten along. But that was neither here nor there.

He loved all the ideas that had been bandied back and forth in the strategy meeting, and had offered to guide those who would be setting said traps.

"So, everyone got everything they need?" he asked.
War's End Chapter 4 )

[Now with actual coding! Thanks to Karla, preplayed with the afore-mentioned, and of course, Blossom and James.]
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War's End chapter 3

Planning, plotting, even scheming )

[Cut for length. Preplayed with the wonderful trinity of Momoko, Karla, and James.]
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War's End Chapter 2

What we need, is a Hero )

Us Queens gotta stick together )

As Pippi might say, we need to be CLANDESTINE )

[Preplayed with the Frabjuous Blossom, the Fantastical Karla, and the Frumious Jimmy The Hand.]
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There was plotting going on. Specifically, Iranon was plotting to lock Leda and Polaris in a closet with a bottle of wine.

In the meantime there was more fun to be had. There were several nice trails around, some hot springs and mud baths, and a scavenger hunt.

And Smoke and Ember had invited anyone who wanted to to go for a ride. Actually Smoke had offered to let anyone who was interested, ride him. Leda still couldn't tell if he was actually confused at the laughter that offer generated.
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The black dragon looked down at the large mug sitting on the table. Of course to him it was about the size of a thimble.

"Really?" he rumbled. "This isn't even a sip."

Leda looked at him blankly for a moment, then turned to his sister, who had assumed human form as a statuesque redhead.

"Is he serious or has he actually grown a sense of humor?"

Ember snickered. "Smoke's been joking around with you since you two met. It's just that his delivery is so dry, you've never noticed."

There was Elven coffee and pastries and other breakfast staples set up on a huge banquet table, as well as a large supply of Leda's Grandmother's favorite human import, hot chocolate.

[For them what knows who they is.]
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Between Iranon's people and Leda's other friends, there was almost a carnival feel to the sprawling complex of homes and lands surrounding them. Which suited Leda's grandmother just fine. This, she'd said, was how it was meant to be. She particularly doted on Wiseguy's son and Silar, and delighted in the raucous sounds of the other children at play. It'd been getting too quite around there for her taste.

The place where Leda's family hailed from was set in a valley deep within a heavily forested mountain range. There were some spectacular falls nearby and beautiful natural seeming gardens.
But the place really lit up at night, when the nocturnal Piskies who shared this valley with them lit up like fireflies.

Leda sighed happily and wished she could stay here for more than just a few days.

[For those know who they is. Totally ripping off Peter Jackson's version of Rivendell for this place.]


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