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War's End Chapter 9 )

[And this concludes an extremely long running plot that started in canon, and became completely fanon. Thanks to Karla, James and Blossom.]
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Through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered Leda and her friends had fought their way through the castle, avoiding what trouble they could, dealing with any they could not as quietly as possible.

And now, here they were. The doors to Corwyn's map room stood closed before them, two guards dead at Leda's feet.

Eli ran up to her from where he'd been dealing with a third. "He's in there." he said. "I can smell him." He gestured to the dead guards. "And if he knew we were here there'd have been more of these."

Leda's teeth were gritted, and her right fist was glowing. "Then it's time to end this. I think I'll be polite though. And knock first."

She brought her glowing hand down upon the doors, blowing them off their hinges with a tremendous explosion that sent shards of metal and wood showering down upon, and into the occupants of the room.


War's End Chapter 8 )

[Preplayed with the Scrumtrulescent Three.]
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War's End Chapter 7

Leda )

James )

Blossom )

Karla )

Together Again )

[Preplayed with the usual suspects.]
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Leda had been going over in her head what to say. Almost going far enough to take notes. "I need Corwyn's army to hear me too." Leda told Iranon. "Can you do that?"

"So you want to inspire our side, and demoralize theirs?"

"And maybe foment rebellion, if what I have to say makes sense to them."

Iranon raised a brow. "Yes. We can do that."

War's End Chapter 5 )

[The Obligatory speech. Once again thanks to Karla for the coding, preplayed with the absolutely fabulous Karla and Blossom.]
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Iranon had, almost the moment the enemy forces had shown up, sent one or two of his friends to infiltrate the camp followers, and if they could, without getting themselves killed, some of the rank and file.

One of those was just as glad all the nobles were dead, and likely would not actually have been broken up if the queen had not escaped. He and Leda had never gotten along. But that was neither here nor there.

He loved all the ideas that had been bandied back and forth in the strategy meeting, and had offered to guide those who would be setting said traps.

"So, everyone got everything they need?" he asked.
War's End Chapter 4 )

[Now with actual coding! Thanks to Karla, preplayed with the afore-mentioned, and of course, Blossom and James.]
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War's End chapter 3

Planning, plotting, even scheming )

[Cut for length. Preplayed with the wonderful trinity of Momoko, Karla, and James.]
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War's End Chapter 2

What we need, is a Hero )

Us Queens gotta stick together )

As Pippi might say, we need to be CLANDESTINE )

[Preplayed with the Frabjuous Blossom, the Fantastical Karla, and the Frumious Jimmy The Hand.]
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As if turning into a of herself with Multiple Personality Disorder (Wiseguy had explained it to her) who had killed someone, traded very nasty words with one of her best friends, and had been traumatized enough to be possibly even more feral than the original Florida had been, wasn't bad enough.

The whole situation meant that she'd missed the Olympics in her version of Earth. She'd had an invitation that Leander had regretfully declined on her behalf. Affairs of state don't you know. Damnit, she'd been really looking forward to flirting with a few Olympians.

[Open for calls and texts and the like.]
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Leda's Grandmother had come to visit for the Solstice, despite worries that the journey from the family homestead would be dangerous. Now she and Leda were having a bit of tea before she returned.

Leda's Grandmother was gifted with the insight to guess what others were thinking, regardless of mental shields. Therefore she knew that the girl was pondering how her Grandmother looked actually younger than her mother.

"It's the stress." she told the girl. "I was never Queen you see. We were always on good terms with the royal family, but it wasn't until your mother married the crown prince that we became 'royals'."

Leda winced. "Great. She was Queen in peace time even. I'll probably wind up looking like some hag."

Her Grandmother glanced pointedly at the cup of coffee that Leda was nursing. "If you insist on drinking that swill instead of tea."

They both smirked, looking remarkably similar. "And I don't know that you could truly call it peace time." she continued. "Corwyn was always scheming. The return of the human world brought it to a head though. That's when he truly started down the road he is on now. And that's when the strain began to show on your parents. The schemes became more dangerous, some of them even deadly. They lost friends to more than a few. Eventually it got so bad they fled, and well, you know the rest."

Leda sighed and put down her coffee. It was getting cold anyway. She opened her mouth to speak, but again, her Grandmother knew what she was thinking.

"They would both be proud of you. Even before the war you were doing remarkable things. Making friends with the Dragons and the Merfolk, opening embassies in Mortal cities. I know you did not want this job. That you still don't. I hope one day you are able to set the burden aside, but you are a wonderful Queen my dear. From the way you're handling the situation with Corwyn, to your return during our darkest, most hopeless hour." Finally she shook her head.

"But enough of such heavy talk. Tell me more about how the mortal world has changed. I haven't seen it since I was a girl and that was a very long time by their standards."
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One second the Void was creeping up on her, eating away at the world around her, leaving her with only this former mortal enemy for company, and the next...everything was back.

She stared at Stormy Waves for a moment, who was looking very confused. Even more so when she let out a joyful yell, kissed him, and then whooped, grabbed her scrying mirror and ran off.

"What just happened?" he asked.

Leda meanwhile called all her friends. She panned the mirror around from her perch at the highest balcony in the palace.

"Look!! Looklooklooklook! It's back! It's all back and I'm alive and everyone here thinks I'm either nuts or have had waaaaaaaay too much chocolate! Now we must party!"

[Momo, Karla, Jon, James. You knows who you is.]
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After her conversation with Billy yesterday, Leda had a hard time deciding what to do. Finally, she had determined that she did not have to choose. She had spent all night and most of today recording what she knew of Faerie and Bordertown so there would be something left behind if nothing else remained.

Now she stood at the end of the causeway, steeling herself.

[This will be Leda's final post till all this is over. If anyone wants to have a dramatic tearful farewell, this is the place to do it :D]
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There was a madness to their method. Leda and Sai, two girls on their own, backpacking across Europe, and currently lounging on a beach on some remote island in the Mediterranean. For some reason Sai kept humming Abba songs. Leda wished she'd stop. For some reason it was making her miss Anduin.

Their plan was to head north from Greece and see the Carpatian Mountains, then seek out the Black Forest, maybe head up into the Northlands before going down to Wales, over to Ireland, then to Scotland, and finally to England just in time for the wedding.

"You'd think I'd be used to it by now." Leda said absently.

"How's that?"

"The whole time travel thing. I mean, I spend a few months in Faerie, and only a week goes by in Fandom. Now I leave Fandom in May, and find out that on our Earth, it's still winter."

Sai shrugged. "Least we got good weather here."

"You think we should wait till summer to do much more sight seeing?"

"What after the royal wedding? After your face shows up on who knows how many tabloid and magazine covers? Maybe if you could do a glamour on yourself but we all know magic don't work out here in the world."

"There's gotta be other ways to disguise ourselves. All anyone's gonna see is the ears. It's not like Wolfboy's with us."

"I still think he should join us in Romania or Germany."

"Or sooner. Someone to carry all the souvenirs we're gonna be buying for people."

Leda had plans to find an antique gun for Triela, maybe some Swiss chocolates for Karla and German pastries for Momoko. Or possibly the other way around. They'd already gotten a few books for Micky and Goldie.

"What about your Fandom friends?" Sai asked.

"I left handwavey invites for them to join us at any of our points of call. Same with Strider, Wiseguy and Leander."

"God bless Portalocity." After a moment, Sai wondered;

"If you went back to Fandom now, would it be a few days after you graduated? Or would you suddenly be back in the past? Do Visitor's Weekend and...what'd you call it? Weetiny weekend? Over again?"

Leda glared at her. "That's an unfair question to ask someone who doesn't drink. Specially while you're enjoying your sangria."

"Does this mean I don't get to sign your yearbook?"

Leda kicked sand at her.

[Open for calls, texts, or even visitors via portalocity.]
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Leda sighed when she woke up and looked towards the empty bed on the other side of the room. Ever since Liz graduated she'd been unable to hold on to a roommate.

Then her cellphone rang )

[Door is closed, but post is open.]
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Leda was not hiding. Okay she totally was. Just what and who she was hiding from she didn't particularly know. Just, hiding in general. From the world she supposed.

Spending the weekend as Florida again had been an oddly enjoyable experience. Odd considering it was due to a cursed necklace. But she had liked spending time with Momoko and James and others while in her wee state. It reminded her of happy times with Wolfboy.

But then things had taken a drastic turn for the worse.

So, now she was hiding in her room, huddled on her bed, trying to ignore the ache in her shoulder, which was harder every time she tried to adjust the sling. Which she probably shouldn't be doing anyway.

She was trying to hide from the memories as well, hiding in memories of better times. Making pizza with Momoko, flirting with James and his sword, playing with Jello with Karla, or her reunion with her mother and Mooner.

She even tried thinking of fairly innocuous things like the first time she saw Kurt without his disguise. He'd been so cute, she kind of had a minor crush on him. Which made her think of meeting and flirting with some of the new kids.

But then she'd think of something like learning fencing from James, and the events of the day before would come crashing back down upon her.

[Door is closed, post is open.]
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Leda hadn't been expecting company, so the knock on her door was startling. But not nearly so shocking as who it was standing on the other side when she opened it.

Don't eat my brains! )

[Open for anyone who wants to meet Leda's old flame. Pun intended.]
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Leda had gotten the call early today that Crystaviel was in town. It made it hard to concentrate on classes. Then she'd gone to the hotel and now she and her best friend were taking in the sights.

[For one in particular, but open to anyone who'd like to chat with Leda or her friend.]
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Leda sat on the edge of the roof looking out at the town spread out before and below her. Tonight she really felt the difference between Fandom and Bordertown.

Once Upon a time... )

She missed Bordertown. )

She wished Crystaviel were here.

Leda rose slowly and stood on the edge. If you didn't look down, and just looked out at the island, you could almost feel like you were floating in mid air.

[Flashback, and emo link drop. Open if you feel like dealing with Emo Elf. That sounds like a weird superhero.]
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When Jack had mentioned a while ago the possibility of getting Leda's magic back, she'd thought he was just being nice. It hadn't occurred to her that he might be able to pull it off. But he'd called earlier and suggested having Karla go spelunking in her brain meats. The idea scared Leda, but, it might work. And she'd decided it was worth the risk.

She had only needed to prepare. )

[And Leda's secret is out. Cut for omg long, and self destructive behavior. Preplayed with the delightful inthereflexes and glacial_witch. NFB.]


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