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Leda hadn't been expecting company, so the knock on her door was startling. But not nearly so shocking as who it was standing on the other side when she opened it.

Don't eat my brains! )

[Open for anyone who wants to meet Leda's old flame. Pun intended.]
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Cut for contemplations of suicide. )

The fever was burning away all the blocks Leda had built up in her memory... )

[Flashback post number 1. These posts will go backward in time and put an end to the current Leda storyline. My apologies to any and all who were offended by it. Dialogue in this post taken from canon.]
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Leda sat on the edge of the roof looking out at the town spread out before and below her. Tonight she really felt the difference between Fandom and Bordertown.

Once Upon a time... )

She missed Bordertown. )

She wished Crystaviel were here.

Leda rose slowly and stood on the edge. If you didn't look down, and just looked out at the island, you could almost feel like you were floating in mid air.

[Flashback, and emo link drop. Open if you feel like dealing with Emo Elf. That sounds like a weird superhero.]
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Flashback )

There were many reasons why Leda drank Peca. Addiction was only one of them. Right now though, she was only drinking fruit juice. These blends they sold out in the world were great. This memory wasn't one that made her want to drown it. But in case it led to others that did, she had a bottle in the pocket of her jacket.

[Post is open like an open post.]


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