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The mood at the Ancestral estate for House Danan was not nearly as reserved as that at the palace in Alfheim. In point of fact it was a near madhouse, with children running every whichway and unruly music played by a live band.

A live band that consisted of a half Mer violinist, and a frog playing banjo. Sila was overjoyed to finally get this chance. Since she'd first been inspired to learn to play violin at Robin's birthday party (two decades in her past), she'd dreamed of getting to play with him.

They were playing a mix of Christmas themed songs and bluegrass covers of popular human ditties.

Leda was reminded of a line from a Human historical drama: "So you wanna go to a real party?"
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"I went to high school with his nephew." Leda said, as she descended the stairs with Monet, a young anthropology grad student. The two had met the day before at the Fraternity's St. Patrick's Day celebration. Monet's boyfriend Watie, was a Trueblood, the only one known to have attended a Mortal University. He was the son of staffers at the Embassy who had been trapped in The World when the border disappeared.

Leda's road trip had been delayed due to both red tape, and a number of interviews and appearances she'd felt obligated to make. Mostly it was to reassure her own people on this side of the border, but she'd been convinced to talk to a number of Mortals as well.

She'd really done herself up for her TV appearances, in hopes that dressing down when she finally got going would help disguise her.

"I didn't know they were real." Monet replied.

Leda had spotted the statue of Kermit and Jim Henson on campus.

"Well, uh, maybe here they're not? But the border is the border to lots of realms other than just Faerie and this Earth. I've been to a few others."


"You have no idea."
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Leda was on her way to the rec room to putz around for awhile, try to take her mind off her troubles. She never made it.

Though she'd been planning to leap for the couch if she felt sleepy, she never new what hit her, and she passed out on the floor.

At least she didn't hit her head this time.

[Open for anyone who wants to take her to Town Hall. If no takers, then Robin will manage. He's very resourceful:P]


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