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The day's work was done, and Leda was taking a break before heading home. In this case, said break involved imported Reeses peanutbutter cup ice cream, and dancing to Katy Perry.

Once upon a time she might have been embarrassed to have Leander walk in on her like this, but those days were long past. Hell some already called her the Crazy Queen (mostly the nobles), why not take advantage of that and indulge in some eccentricities?

"Ahem, Your Majesty..."

Crap, he used her title, that meant this wasn't a social call. She made a mental note to take everyone to Earth for some Theme Park fun or something.

With a wave of her hand, she silenced the music and set the ice cream down. She'd placed a cooling spell on it so it wouldn't freeze.

"What happened?" she sighed. She knew Leander would not come for official reasons after her "office hours" unless it was important.

"I'm very sorry to bother you now." Leander said. "But I felt this matter should be dealt with as soon as possible and in as eh, delicately a manner as can be."

"Sounds scandalous."

"Quite possibly. A young man has just arrived, begging, and I do mean begging, to see you immediately. He is quite distraught and has a singular problem."

"Well at least this won't be boring. Let's see 'im."

Leander ushered in a young Elf who seemed incredibly out of place. He was openly gaping at everything. Could he be one of those rare Elves that had been born across the Border and had therefore never seen his home land? But it was more than that. There was something off about him that Leda could not put her finger on.

He bowed low, before she could stop him, and then offered her a pre-written sheet of paper.

It's better that I not speak out loud, lest you fall hopelessly in love with me. It began.

Leda almost burst out laughing at that, but the distressed look on her visitor's face stopped her. And that was when it hit her what was bothering her so. This full blooded Elf, was carrying himself like a human. Even the most provincial Elf she'd ever seen would hide their emotions better than this.

"What's up pup?" she asked. He merely motioned for her to read on. She did, and could not help exclaiming;

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Linnet Dark-Garnet was one of the most well known Elven exiles living in the human world. She was one of those who had been caught when the border disappeared, and had spent most of that time living in Ireland. Over the years she had gained fame as the premier poet of the 21st century. Songs had been written from her works and taught in even the most mundane of English Lit classes.

But... )
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In Bordertown, the Cutoff was not unnoticed, but it was not much of a cause for concern. Most citizens of Bordertown had no interest in returning to the World or the Realm. It was mostly in the outlying boroughs that the news spread.

Traders, Elven explorers or human runaways having second thoughts found themselves unable to remember the way to the World. Upon approaching where the Borderlands ended and the World began, they would go into a kind of fugue state and wander back to town. Some would lose all memory of who they were until encountering a familiar enough landmark.

Some who heard about it took it in stride. Some panicked. The biggest worry however came from the border to the Realm.

The gate was closed. Elves and Halfies attempting to cross felt as if they struck an electric fence, that forced them back. The latest news from Faerie was that Corwyn had been defeated by a mysterious group that the Queen had recruited. Dragontown resident Eli was rumored to have been among them, but he wasn't talking. Many believed that Corwyn had done something to the border, closing the Realm off from the Borderlands for all time.

Meanwhile a six year old halfie girl with uncanny magical ability painted a message in paint she had summoned from the ether; “how about learn to draw genus”. She painted it at the base of a plaster statue of an Asian Prince in response to a tag that said simply “Bordertown Lives”.

This girl, Rabbit by name, was not worried. She knew when the cutoff would lift and the worlds would be re-connected. She was off by half a day.

Somewhere in the offices of Portalocity, something went *twing*. And someone looked and said; "Huh."

Two weeks after the borders had closed, they reopened. And Bordertown found itself besieged by “noobs”, bringing with them new songs, new fashions, new toys, and new stories.

[I wound up getting jossed about when the Bordertown books took place. Ah well. Leda's friends? Y'all got a bunch of missed calls on yer phones.]
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Bordertown was gone. If it ever really existed. )

[Borrowing some new Bordertown canon from the anthology "Welcome to Bordertown".]
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Gasp and Shock! )

[For Momoko, James and Jon.]
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From Fandom Pics

Eli wouldn't have thought it possible to be any colder in the lands of House Alton. But this close to the border, it was colder than one could imagine. Perhaps a further deterrent to keep anyone from attempting what he was after.

If I can just stay calm, they won't know I'm gone until it's too late. he thought.

He shivered in his t-shirt and jeans. All the clothes he was wearing. The human outfit itself would be enough to earn him a severe, horrific punishment. That he had been able to obtain the clothes at all was a testament to how successful the Queen's attempts to change Faerie culture were.

The frigid wind stung his golden eyes and made the veins in his exposed skin stand out in blue spiderwebs upon his skin. Only the Elvin blood within him allowed him to survive at all.

His shivering caused the tiny silver bells on his bracelets to chime softly. Fifty nine bells on two bracelets. An archaic tradition to signify Trueblood Royalty. But on him, they were an alarm system. If he removed the bracelets, the bells would cry out a warning to his master, who would then hunt for him.

He took a deep breath and blew it out. It was now or never. Before he lost his nerve, before he could be missed.

He dreamed a willow tree, and it appeared. It's long branches swept over the ground and swayed in the wind. He had formulated a theory that the bells could be fooled if the bracelets stayed in motion. He quickly transferred the hated ornaments to the tree's branches. It seemed to work. No alarm cry went up.

Even the smuggled literature he had gotten his hands on strongly advised against what he was about to do. Travel across the border could only be done safely at the place where it is thinnest. The guidebook pages he had tucked into his back pocket claimed in bold, capital letters that it was virtually impossible to jump the border and survive.

Eli dashed forward, and dove into the border.

The bells on the bracelets sent up the cry, and almost immediately, Corwyn's hounds began to bay.

[Kicking off a plot based on the Bordertown short story "Dragon Child" by Midori Snyder.]
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"Orient," Tick Tick said warningly, "What are you doing?"

She was still recovering her strength, but a walk from her place to his had felt like the thing to do. She was after all, keeping an eye on him for Momoko. Not that she was certain just what Momoko could do if Orient got into trouble again. Leda had assured her she could help, which was good enough for the Ticker.

She had arrived just in time to see Hawthorn, one of the higher ups in the Silver Suits exit the apartment. And she had seen the look on her friend's face. It was a look she recognized.

"You are not going after him." she said flatly.

"I just need to be sure." he said absently, heading for the stairs.

"Sure of what? Orient what's going on?" The Silver Suits had found the lab that was making the drug. They were on to one of their own that was working with the villains, but they still did not know ultimately who was behind it.

"It would take too long to explain. I have to leave now if I'm gonna-"

"I'm coming with you." she insisted, but at that moment her legs gave a complaint and she had to lean against the wall. Still not at 100 percent.

"No you need to rest." he said, getting on the motorcycle. Then he swore and got off. He checked to make sure nothing had been added to the vehicle. "See? I'm not falling for the old bomb on the bike trick."

"No you're running off after the bad guy alone." Tick Tick muttered as he took off.

She promised free repairs for a month to one of Orient's downstairs neighbors who owned a bike, and they took her to the border. It was closer than the World. There she made use of the alert system she and Leda had worked out. This close to the border, communication was very reliable. The scrying mirror got through to her friend, who then got in touch with Momoko.

[For Blossom!]
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Leander had been afraid Leda might do something foolish. Hopefully the fact that he was right would help offset any anger he may have that she'd done just that.

He had told her that the Elves of Bordertown were not her responsibility. She disagreed. She had been raised in Bordertown, those people were her people as much as, if not more than those of Faerie. And even more important, she had a duty to help her friends if she could. She had failed Triela. She would not fail Tick Tick. Not for lack of trying.

But she hadn't been completely stupid. She didn't waltz into Bordertown soaking up the germs. No she had gotten word to those responsible for sealing the Border, to get a message to Orient. Orient, as she could now see, had gotten the message. Here he was with a rather ill Tick Tick in the side car. She was wearing one of those masks you see doctors wear, and as best she could, was breathing away from Leda.

Leda had one too.

"You were right, the minute I got into the world Portalocity was able to pick us up." he said.

"Good. I'll take it from here." she said.

[Establishy, and now it's off to the clinic!]
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Saturday Bordertown Time

While Leda was sleeping Wild Elves had come upon her and Wolfboy's camp. )

[*Right? They turn him from half-dog to human so he can be their pet? That's ironic right? ETA: Dialogue taken almost entirely from canon.]


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