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Sila guessed that very few, if any captain's cabins were decorated quite like this one. Among the expected maps, charts and sailing memorabilia were band posters and carefully maintained statuettes. And was that a photo of Leda with Jimmy Buffet?

"Okay," Leda said, taking a deep breath, "I'm re-thinking my Possible Future Kid Weekend theory. 'Cause you don't seem to recognize Grace."

"Could be a subtle variation." Grace suggested. "Alternate Dimension Future Kid Weekend."

"Oh this is breaking my brain." Sila groaned. Time differences between realms were one thing. Hearing tales of Fandom whimsy were one thing. But to actually experience it?

"Wait'll you meet wee-tiny you." Grace muttered.

Pretending she didn't hear that, Sila tried to collect her thoughts. "But you did go to Fandom High, and you do have an adopted daughter named Sila?"

"Yes." Grace said pointedly. "Both of us do." She turned to Jack. "Speaking of which, sort of, who are you, and who are you to her?"

Jack Calloway and I'm her cousin. Just her cousin."

Sila tried to wrap her mind around that. One of the reasons that her mothers had split up had been the conflict between Polaris' monogamous nature, and Leda's leanings towards polyamory. She decided not to think about the implications here. Instead she asked;

"Don't Fandom Kid Weekends start with a colorful swirly portal? Not a big ominous storm?"

"Spot on." Leda and Grace both said simultaneously.

From up on deck came a voice calling "We're here!"

Leda glanced up towards the deck and sighed. "But it looks like that's going to have to wait. You and your dad never miss greeting us when we pull into port."

She led the way out of the cabin, but turned back when she realized that Sila hadn't moved.

"Hey, you okay?"



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