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Initially, when Leda had set up her family estate as an orphanage, it had been to house children who's parents had been killed during Corwyn's bid for the throne. Since then it had become not only a home for orphaned children, but a shelter for those who needed asylum.

Everyone knew that here, as well as the palace in Alfheim were safe havens for anyone fleeing abuse or slavery. One of the challenges that presented of course, was that the fame meant, those they were fleeing knew where to look.

Three children had arrived a month earlier, hungry, beaten, and terrified. Leda had of course granted them the asylum they sought. Today their father had come to claim them, counting on his influence as their father, or failing that, his spells of control, to compel them to return with him to the life of slavery he intended.

“I'm sorry, not really.” Leda said, managing to suppress a smirk. “That was melodramatic of me. I should have told you that these lands are warded against geas. You have no more power to bend them to your will.

“Look I neither know, nor care what traditions you have back home. But as far as I'm concerned the minute those kids left your domain, they left your jurisdiction. And here, children are not property.”

“They are-”

“Under. My. Protection. And you sir, are not welcome here. Now, I don't like getting heavy handed but you've managed to push quite a few of my buttons. If you and your men are still within the bounds of the Elflands in two days time, I will consider you an invading force.” She'd had people on the lookout for him the minute the children arrived, so she knew how long it would take him to get out.

Honestly the look of impotent outrage on the foreign lord's face was enough to ease a lot of Leda's own rage.

“You-” he tried for one last outburst in a strangled tone, but Leda stopped him short by stepping up to him till they were nose to nose.

“Give me the slightest excuse. I know what you did to the boy, and the girl. And the hamster.”


She couldn't help it. She'd been getting too intense she thought, so she'd dispelled more of her anger by being ridiculous.

“That's enough of this. Get out, don't look back. Tell whatever story you have to back home to save face, but we're done here. And don't even try the 'you're making a grave mistake' bit. I know enough about your country to know that you're not nearly powerful enough to make me 'live to regret this'.”


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