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War's End Chapter 9 )

[And this concludes an extremely long running plot that started in canon, and became completely fanon. Thanks to Karla, James and Blossom.]
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Through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered Leda and her friends had fought their way through the castle, avoiding what trouble they could, dealing with any they could not as quietly as possible.

And now, here they were. The doors to Corwyn's map room stood closed before them, two guards dead at Leda's feet.

Eli ran up to her from where he'd been dealing with a third. "He's in there." he said. "I can smell him." He gestured to the dead guards. "And if he knew we were here there'd have been more of these."

Leda's teeth were gritted, and her right fist was glowing. "Then it's time to end this. I think I'll be polite though. And knock first."

She brought her glowing hand down upon the doors, blowing them off their hinges with a tremendous explosion that sent shards of metal and wood showering down upon, and into the occupants of the room.


War's End Chapter 8 )

[Preplayed with the Scrumtrulescent Three.]
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War's End Chapter 7

Leda )

James )

Blossom )

Karla )

Together Again )

[Preplayed with the usual suspects.]
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War's End chapter 3

Planning, plotting, even scheming )

[Cut for length. Preplayed with the wonderful trinity of Momoko, Karla, and James.]
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War's End Chapter 2

What we need, is a Hero )

Us Queens gotta stick together )

As Pippi might say, we need to be CLANDESTINE )

[Preplayed with the Frabjuous Blossom, the Fantastical Karla, and the Frumious Jimmy The Hand.]
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War's End, Chapter One )

[NFI, NFB, OOC comments welcome. Thus begins the finale of Leda's lifelong battle with the evil Lord Corwyn. Triggery warnings for terrorist attack and death.]
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Stormy Waves Upon a Rocky Shore was dead. Dead in just about the most horrifying way imaginable by Leda's standards. She had not been unaware of his feelings towards her, and though she had sympathized, she'd not felt any obligation to even pretend they were reciprocated. She supposed she must have liked him well enough. Certainly he'd earned enough trust to be her bodyguard when Strider was elsewhere. But she couldn't decide how much she actually respected him. He'd remained stubbornly racist against humans right up until the end. Still, no one deserved to die like that. It still gave her the "creeping shivers" as Wiseguy had put it.

Thanks to the magic of...well, magic, everything had been cleaned up by the next day. There wasn't even any water damage.

Now they were busy trying to figure out precisely what had happened. All they knew for sure was that unseelie creatures from the sea had crept up on the palace, killed the sentries, got into Leda and Dagos' chambers, and ambushed them there. Why the King of the Dwarves and Matriarch of the Dragons were not targeted no one was certain.

The two main suspects in all this, were Corwyn of course, and Dagos. An amazingly dramatic way of getting Leda to drop her shields they were saying. She doubted it though. His timely rescue aside, she didn't see him as being that dramatic. Except for that entrance to the conference. Hmmm.

But then more news arrived that was enough to put those suspicions aside. News that made even the coldly dispassionate Mer Lord blanch visibly. The Mer Kingdom was under full out attack by the Unseelie, led by none other than Leviathan itself.

He made short work of any ceremony. Merely giving her a curt bow, and a few parting words. “I find your...views of certain issues foolish, and naïve. But well meant. It may even be that when you defeat Corwyn your kingdom will not descend into blood and chaos because of them. We shall see. I regret that I will not be able to assist you with your struggle against Best of luck to you and your allies.”

Leda sank onto a chair and sighed. “I need chocolate. Lots, and lots of chocolate.”
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Gasp and Shock! )

[For Momoko, James and Jon.]
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In which our young runaway finally arrives on the far side of the border )

[Preemptive apology for spamming friend list today. Lots happening in short space of time. Posted early due to family obligation this evening.]
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From Fandom Pics

Eli wouldn't have thought it possible to be any colder in the lands of House Alton. But this close to the border, it was colder than one could imagine. Perhaps a further deterrent to keep anyone from attempting what he was after.

If I can just stay calm, they won't know I'm gone until it's too late. he thought.

He shivered in his t-shirt and jeans. All the clothes he was wearing. The human outfit itself would be enough to earn him a severe, horrific punishment. That he had been able to obtain the clothes at all was a testament to how successful the Queen's attempts to change Faerie culture were.

The frigid wind stung his golden eyes and made the veins in his exposed skin stand out in blue spiderwebs upon his skin. Only the Elvin blood within him allowed him to survive at all.

His shivering caused the tiny silver bells on his bracelets to chime softly. Fifty nine bells on two bracelets. An archaic tradition to signify Trueblood Royalty. But on him, they were an alarm system. If he removed the bracelets, the bells would cry out a warning to his master, who would then hunt for him.

He took a deep breath and blew it out. It was now or never. Before he lost his nerve, before he could be missed.

He dreamed a willow tree, and it appeared. It's long branches swept over the ground and swayed in the wind. He had formulated a theory that the bells could be fooled if the bracelets stayed in motion. He quickly transferred the hated ornaments to the tree's branches. It seemed to work. No alarm cry went up.

Even the smuggled literature he had gotten his hands on strongly advised against what he was about to do. Travel across the border could only be done safely at the place where it is thinnest. The guidebook pages he had tucked into his back pocket claimed in bold, capital letters that it was virtually impossible to jump the border and survive.

Eli dashed forward, and dove into the border.

The bells on the bracelets sent up the cry, and almost immediately, Corwyn's hounds began to bay.

[Kicking off a plot based on the Bordertown short story "Dragon Child" by Midori Snyder.]
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Leda's Grandmother had come to visit for the Solstice, despite worries that the journey from the family homestead would be dangerous. Now she and Leda were having a bit of tea before she returned.

Leda's Grandmother was gifted with the insight to guess what others were thinking, regardless of mental shields. Therefore she knew that the girl was pondering how her Grandmother looked actually younger than her mother.

"It's the stress." she told the girl. "I was never Queen you see. We were always on good terms with the royal family, but it wasn't until your mother married the crown prince that we became 'royals'."

Leda winced. "Great. She was Queen in peace time even. I'll probably wind up looking like some hag."

Her Grandmother glanced pointedly at the cup of coffee that Leda was nursing. "If you insist on drinking that swill instead of tea."

They both smirked, looking remarkably similar. "And I don't know that you could truly call it peace time." she continued. "Corwyn was always scheming. The return of the human world brought it to a head though. That's when he truly started down the road he is on now. And that's when the strain began to show on your parents. The schemes became more dangerous, some of them even deadly. They lost friends to more than a few. Eventually it got so bad they fled, and well, you know the rest."

Leda sighed and put down her coffee. It was getting cold anyway. She opened her mouth to speak, but again, her Grandmother knew what she was thinking.

"They would both be proud of you. Even before the war you were doing remarkable things. Making friends with the Dragons and the Merfolk, opening embassies in Mortal cities. I know you did not want this job. That you still don't. I hope one day you are able to set the burden aside, but you are a wonderful Queen my dear. From the way you're handling the situation with Corwyn, to your return during our darkest, most hopeless hour." Finally she shook her head.

"But enough of such heavy talk. Tell me more about how the mortal world has changed. I haven't seen it since I was a girl and that was a very long time by their standards."
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Leda was not schooled in the arts of war. Except for some first hand experience at urban combat, but even that was on a small scale. Still, even she could tell that the generals' plan was a good one. But still, none of this was sitting right with her. Win or lose, there was going to be a lot of blood on her hands.

"I don't suppose this whole thing could be settled by an epic quest with my wacky best friends." she asked. "Some mystical artifact that would defeat Corwyn and his army with one strike? Or at least a secret way into Corwyn's palace?"

Leander smiled wanly. "I'll look into it. That second one may be a possibility. We've followed Lady Karla's advice in regards to appealing to the servants, with promising results. Also our mages are close to perfecting your 'mini-scrying mirrors'."

It was an idea born of Leda's time in the human world. A way of bugging Corwyn's palace. It's human origins made it unlikely that Corwyn would think of such a possibility.

"But we must be prepared for the possibility of a long, and bloody conflict." He cautioned. Seeing the stricken look in her eyes he continued. "Leda I may not know you as well as my wife does, but I believe I've gotten to kno you well enough to guess what's bothering you. You are an anarchist suddenly thrust into the position of having to ask people to lay down their lives. Worse, you could order them to. And you are terrified that such power will corrupt you. To say nothing of the guilt that will plague you for each life that is lost.

"But you must remember that none of this is about you This is about freedom. And what Corwyn will do if he wins. You are not asking them to fight for you, but for themselves. And their families and communities.

Finally Leda smiled slightly. "That's an awful nice speech coming from a monarchist."

"What can I say? You've been a bad influence on me."

[Open for calls and the like.]
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It had begun. Corwyn's forces had begun attacking villages that bordered his lands. They had burned five, killing everyone they could get their hands on before they even started giving anyone a chance to surrender.

There had been three since then. He had given everyone a choice. If they denounced their loyalty to the Queen, and swore fealty to him, they and their homes would be spared. If anyone in the town refused, everyone would be killed. Slowly and in the most imaginative ways the Unseelie could devise.

Only the first village had had anyone remain loyal.

Leda would soon be meeting with the generals to decide on a plan of action. Just as soon as she pulled herself together.

[Open for calls and the like.]
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Being checked over by a healer was remarkably similar to being checked over by a doctor. After all, before they could fix you they had to know what was broken so to speak.

"It could have been a lot worse." the woman said. She spread a soothing ointment over Leda's shoulders, neck and jaw. "You hit the wall with enough force to shatter half your vertebrae. It's a good think you got that shield up in time."

"He caught me by surprise at first." Leda nodded, and regretted it.

"Yeah don't do that for a while." the healer advised. "I wouldn't reccomend much talking or shrugging for the next hour or so either, till the ointment finishes it's work."

"Work crews are working on fixing the wall." Wiseguy told her. "And redoing the wards on the council chamber. Corwyn must have been planning on some kind of grand gesture for a long time. It couldn't have been easy eroding them so he could make his move."

Sai was working with one of the healer's assistants to apply healing poultices on Strider's wounds.

"Corwyn and his men have escaped to his own lands I'm afraid." He said angrily. "It will take some doing to root him out of there."

"It's...somewhat worse than that." Leander sighed, entering the room. "Corwyn has made a public declaration of his intention to overthrow you. His supporters in the council have already left. I am pleased to say however that those who support you are now even more firmly in your camp, and many who were on the fence have joined us." He sank down into a chair. "I think we've some grace time, but we must be prepared. I am very sad to say, we may be looking at our first war in centuries."

Leda sighed, and began making a few plans in her head. As soon as her throat and jaw were better she'd start telling him what she wanted to do.
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"Leda!" Strider screamed in anguish and rage.

"Lord Corwyn!" one of the other nobles protested.

"That is 'Your Majesty' to you." Corwyn smiled thinly. "The Queen is dead. Long live the king." He turned to regard Strider and the royal guard coldly. "Throw down your weapons now and all will be forgiven. Your loyalty was misplaced, if admirable. You are now my guards. And you 'Prince', are dangerously close to treason."

"You are the traitor in this room Corwyn." Strider said furiously. "And I swear to you if it is the last thing I do I will see justice for the House of Danu inflicted upon your worthless flesh."

Corwyn tsked. "And I was going to offer you exile. Very well. Guards, throw this piece of filth after his mistress."

At that moment, a monstrous roar erupted from the hole Corwyn had just put through the wall with Leda's body.

Corwyn spun, staring in shock.

Leda stood, suspended in midair, her arms crossed sternly across her chest. Blood trickled from her nose and mouth as she eyed him fiercely.

"Lord Corwyn. Would you care to step outside?"
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The Plot )

The Denouncement )

Lord Corwyn for the Win )

[What's This? A Diabolical Diatribe from the Unscrupulous Unseelie Usurper? A perilous plummet for our Plucky Progressive? Stay tuned True Believers!]
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Leda's return to Faery was quiet and discreet, as she'd taken a portal directly to her bed chamber. Then she'd sent a page to inform her friends of her arrival.

They wasted little time )

The Council of Nobles )

[NFB for distance, NFI as well, but ooc comments are always appreciated. Thanks go to Francine Mun for the casting of Sai. And I hope Karla Mun is happy with the non-casting of either of her father figures as villains.]


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