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Today was a great day for exploring. Leda sadly, can not be there to chaperon you all day, as she has to deal with parents and things, but she'll be there most of the day.

[This post is mostly for Monday OCD, so here it comes is. This post is like the one before it, open to all, even if you couldn't ping into the first day's post.]
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Due to the unusual things that Bordertown could do to advanced technology and magic, portalocity could only get visitors to the train station. There they could take the Bordertown Express. The Bordertown Express was a steam locomotive with five cars. It looked old timey and awesome. It would then go through Southside Bordertown and deposit them at the bus/train depot which was about at the border (no pun intended) of Southside and Northern B-Town. There they would find an excited Leda waiting for them.

[Here is day one of the Bordertown Trip. This post and the trip are open to all who wish to participate. Please wait for OCD is up.]
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If Leda hadn't been so worn out from Detention, she might have been able to dodge the Gremlin that had been lying in wait. As it was, she wasn't.

My name is Valerie Autumns. From the moment I left New York, and set foot in Corinwood, the shadows of the past have loomed over me like the shadow of this great brooding home. Even the inhabitants of this strange and bizarre place hover uncertainly between amazement, confidence and fear.

Fear of the unknown, fear of the past. Fear of the future. Even fear of each other. From the young boy I've come to tutor, to the father he hates. From the mistress of the house who never leaves to the grounds keeper who's loyalty borders on the sinister. From the man who has returned, possibly with ulterior motives, to the girl who I have come to care for more than I ever thought possible.

The shadow of Corinwood even falls over the town below. It falls over the artist living in fear of his secrets. It falls over his daughter who cares for him and worries. It falls over the young man who just wants a future with his girl.

And now all I can do is try my best to make sense of it all. And try not to let their secrets and their deception deter me from my own search for the truth. I can't let the fear and darkness over come me, or I will become like them. Like everyone has warned me.

[Door and post are open. Leda has become Victoria Winters from the original Dark Shadows.]


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