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No sooner had her Majesty the Queen entered her Meditation Chamber, than there was terrible comotion. Crashing and screaming and what sounded like destructive spells being cast. Stormy Waves Upon a Rocky Shore started, and rushed for the door. Strider sighed and shoved him back.

"What are you doing?!" the defector cried. "She's under attack!"

"No she isn't." Strider told him, sighing. "She's venting."

A particularly nasty crunch emanated from the room causing both men to wince. "Maybe we should look into soundproofing that room." Stormy Waves suggested.

"We did. She's in fine form today."

Inside, Leda stood amidst the wreckage, taking a few deep breaths. Keeping your cool while confronting a Noble about why he wasn't allowed to force himself upon the people inhabiting his lands was hard work. Particularly when she didn't want to keep her cool. If only there wasn't this blasted war going on. If only she didn't need his support so badly.

At least no one had caught on to the fact that the various subversive leaflets being passed around was actually her doing.

The room was a recent addition to the palace. It'd been used as storage, but had been cleared out and several illusion spells had been cast. Now it could mimic a number of environments. The two most often used so far had been a park in the rain, and the one she used for venting her aggression.

It was based on a video game she'd seen while in the Mortal world called Pain. Launching facsimiles of Corwyn and various nobles from a giant slingshot into a fully destructible environment was incredibly therapeutic.

[Open for calls and the like. If you are offended by particularly destructive cartoon/videogame violence, do not click on the link. This warn you.]
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Leda had made a few concessions to the whole 'Queen' thing at Leander's insistence. She had agreed to wear the crown when she was 'on duty', after it had been padded. And while she had done away with the whole 'commoners could only petition the queen on holidays' bullshit, she had agreed to deal with nobles and commoners on separate days.

She did however refuse to call it 'holding court'. Rather she referred to these meetings as her office hours. Accordingly, she had an office. And then her friends had proceeded to shower her with gag gifts. Like the 'World's Greatest Aunt' coffee mug that sat on her desk. Also Strider had scrawled 'Proclomation Pad' across the top of her stack of blank papers.

Leda's office hours )

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Last night, he had told her he loved her. Actually that was putting it mildly. Traditional elven foreplay often involved flowery declarations of love, devotion and passion. Elves didn't take it seriously. It was when such declarations (even the simplest statement of 'I Love You') were made when an elf wasn't involved in such activities that it was heartfelt. This had given elves a reputation among many humans as being faithless and fickle. By the same token many elves thought humans were frigid because they didn't make such declarations.

Stormy Waves Upon a Rocky shore had a gift for poetry. So he was particularly talented at that game. And he wasn't bad at the rest of it either.

So despite the hangover, Leda was in a fine mood this morning.

"So, breakfast?" he suggested.

"Can't. I have to conference with mother and father."

"How about lunch then? Crystaviel has been raving about this new elves only place called Under The Hill."

"That sounds splendid." she smiled, kissing him thoroughly. "I'll need a ride of course."

"What, another one?" he smirked. "Maybe later. But can I give you a lift home?"

She smirked. "Cute, cute pun. Yes it's not a bad walk, but I do like your bike."

Outside they were greeted by a very strange sound.

"What in Faery is that?" Stormy Waves asked. They recognized the words to an elven poem about, what else, running away to Bordertown. But with the music and rhythmic recitation were unique. It was a style never before heard in Bordertown.

But Leda recognized it immediately. "That my friend, is called rap."

To Be continued...


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